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English Countryside Comes to Tel Aviv

Tchochkes has been growing exponentially (we had over 3,000 visitors on June 30th!) and in our desire to make this site as wonderful as possible we are adding even more writers! Shelly is originally from South Africa and has a background in art and marketing. I’m so excited to be adding a writer from the southern hemisphere and look forward to seeing what catches her eye. As usual, please give her a warm welcome by leaving a comment. Thank you, Shira
Hi Tchochkes readers. I am very excited to be writing for Tchochkes. Interior design has been my thing for as long as I can remember, though I branched out into Art and Internet marketing, it remains one of my greatest loves. I think that the way that people design their homes says so much about them and I also love designing and re-designing my own apartment. I am very interested in green design, it’s a bit scarce to find here in Israel, so I will be adding a green angle here and there when I find interesting things to post about. For now, here’s my first post:
Barda is a family-run furniture studio in Tel Aviv which started way back in 1970. Their furniture is beautiful, light, dreamy, and creamy (in color), and has an “English country cottage” feel to it.
Barda’s furniture is made of solid wood and comes in many shades of white and cream.
The Barda family specializes in children’s furniture, although they do create furniture for adults, too and some of their book cases and desks can definitely be placed in parts of the house other than the kid’s rooms. Their kids’ furniture is functional and safe with rounded corners. Almost all the kids’ beds have a pullout bed which fits neatly underneath the bed itself, perfect for sleepovers, and functional drawers for storage. Tell me, who couldn’t use an extra bed which is hidden most of the time as well as storage space?
This is a pic of the store. I wouldn’t mind that closet for myself.
Cream finish country style armoir

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