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Furniture fabric decoupage

This dresser from the Better Homes and Gardens website got me interested in the craft of decoupaging furniture with fabric.   If you find the right fabric and a good piece of furniture, you can have a dresser like the one featured here.  I can even see starting a small business refurbishing old furniture with this craft…

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Store review: Art Maroc

Art Maroc in Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv, is one of those stores that takes you to another world when you walk in the door.  It is a colorful place filled to the brim with all things Moroccan.   I stopped by the other day to pick up some decorative tassels for a friend of mine and I left with a bag full of goodies. 

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Oh suzani… Uzbek inspired textiles

Fabrics by Dongia
Suzani patterns are designs that are inspired by Uzbek folk art.  Suzani is the Persian word for “needle”, hence the definite influence of embroidered pattern-work in this fabric collection from Dongia.  These intricate, colorful patterns are the latest trend in ethnic home furnishings.

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Store Review: Montreal – Country Living

I met Judy Weiss at a Digital Eve Israel event. She is an architect who until recently was busy working in hi-tech and raising four kids, and is now looking to get back into architecture. I told her about Tchochkes, she sent Patti and me a sample of her work – and we were sold. Judy has an amazing eye (as you’ll see in the post below) and I hope all Tchochkes readers give her a warm welcome (in other words – write a comment!).
A couple of months back I was in Montreal, when I stumbled upon an American country-style store in this big city.
It looked so inviting (especially since it was -6 C outside!) that I just had to step inside.

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French Connection

I am just crazy about Toile!
toile bedroom
The word “toile” has different meanings in English, from “cloth” to “web.” In design it refers to fabric with a repeated pattern in one color, usually a pastoral scene or floral motif. Originally from the French town of Jouy-en-Josas, Toile de Jouy dates back to the late 18th century.

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Store review: Dervish

Dervish in Tel Aviv
My first visit to Dervish was at least fifteen years ago and much to my surprise; I found that it still stands right where I left it.  This small, bazaar-like shop that was opened by two sisters in the mid 1960’s has been evolving ever since and today it is filled with ethnic delights from around the world. 

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Centennial quilt exhibition in Tel Aviv

Migdal Shalom Gallery Quilt Show

Photo by Tammy Kochavi
My interest and love for quilts started years ago after attending a show that featured “The Quilts of Gees Bend“, quilts made by a community of poor black woman living on a unique plantation along the Alabama river.  Quilts tell stories through the materials used and the images portrayed upon them and  all you need is one good show to begin your journey along the quilters road.
The Centennial Quilt Show, at the Migdal Shalom Gallery in the Shalom Towers in Tel Aviv; is a collection of local color created by the Israel Quilters Association.  These contemporary hand made quilts are a mix of seaside scenes and objects of monumental interest commemorating life in Tel Aviv over the last 100 years.

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Got silk?

Indian Silk market Silk, just the name makes me envision…

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If you like to sew, have I found a find for you

My first degree is in Textiles, so please excuse my…

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