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Rug designer extrodinaire: Liora Mann

I was really wowed by these amazing rugs by Liora Mann.  This designer uses a modernized version of the ancient technique of felting to achieve many of her wondrous designs.  Not only are these rugs beautiful, they are made with acrylic fibers which make them durable as well.  For me and her rugs it was love at first sight.

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Decorators resource: Shtichen on Ben Yehuda

I walk up and down Ben Yehuda street regularly as it is a main artery from my house to all other destinations in Tel Aviv.  Along this street lie many small shops and Shtichen is one of them.  This store has all kinds of solutions for floor and window challenges.  They carry the latest in carpets and flooring and much, much more.  Their website leaves a lot to the imagination, but the shop itself is delightful.
Creative PVC floor

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Magic carpets…

Carpet store on Ben Yehuda Street

One of the first words I learned in Hebrew was “shateach”, meaning carpet or rug. Before I lived here, I used to come here and buy small handwoven carpets made from silk, wool, cotton and various combinations of the three materials.  Israel is the land of the “magic carpet”, there are so many beautiful, well made authentic rugs and carpets to choose from.
This shop “Iran carpet bazar” is on the corner of Ben Yehuda (#111) and Ben Gurion streets in Tel Aviv.  On any given day (as long as the sun shines) the carpets are laid out on the sidewalk for display, repair, cleaning and drying.  It is not unusual to step on a carpet on your way past this busy intersection, I always feel bad stepping on them but no one else seems to mind. 

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What do to with an orange sofa?

I love Tchochkes readers. We just got a comment in an ancient post of mine “What not to do with an orange sofa” and it was too good of a question to leave in an old post:
I just ordered a sectional orange sofa that just looks like this one (it’s actually a sleeper sofa) along with brown wood coffee table from Macy’s

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Shira Abel is the CEO and founder of Hunter & Bard, an award-winning public relations and design agency that works with scale-ups and enterprises on building their brand, awareness and thought leadership.

As CEO of Hunter & Bard, Shira oversees a team that manages public relations, marketing, design, and brand development for clients across multiple industries. She develops strategies for organically growing companies through sincere digital engagement and the application of behavioral marketing.

Clients include JELD-WEN, Benchling, Sixth Continent, Totango, Folloze, Radix DLT, Axa Tech, Allianz, and many more. Shira is also a sought after corporate speaker and marketing mentor, and has spoken at events such as Confluence and Content Marketing World, and taught at institutions such as Kellogg School of Management and S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai.

Read more about Shira’s company Hunter & Bard at https://www.hunterandbard.com

Theme carpet and more

Happy Halloween!

How about a rug with skulls on it for Fall?  FLOR, a company that specializes in floor tiles and decorative carpets has a few really unique items.  I loved the photo above (Halloween was my favorite holiday in The States) and their website is really nice.  They may even ship outside the USA if you seriously inquire. 

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Stepping up in style

Good ideas don’t always ship to Israel, like these individual step…

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Racy carpets

I found these carpets for kids at Balouga, a french…

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A carpet my kids would love

This is a puzzle carpet by Katrin Sonnleitner made out…

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