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It’s Almost Time: ICFF 2010

By this time next week, my friend Mandy and I…

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Ancient Caves Inspire Modern Design

A while back we decided to take a day trip before the masses joined us for Israel’s annual Spring vacation. We went to the man-made bell-shaped caves near Luzit north of Beersheva.  Usually I avoid going to caves as I don’t find small, dark spaces that you have to crawl on your hands and knees at all appealing.
But these enormous spaces were anything but dark.

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St. Louis Gateway Arch
The last time I went to St. Louis, I was maybe 5 or 6, and I remember not getting to go up to the top of the Gateway Arch because I was either too little or my parents wouldn’t let me. They probably thought it would freak me out. They were probably right. This past weekend my husband and I were in St. Louis, and I still didn’t get to go up to the top of the thing. Only one of the two trams was in operation, and it was sold out both Friday and Saturday. But we did at least spend plenty of time hanging out beneath Eero Saarinen’s architectural wonder of shiny stainless steel.

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Hotel Review: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

The Inbal Hotel is located in Jerusalem in possibly the absolute best location in the city. It’s walking distance from the German Colony, the Old City and the market (ok, granted the market would be a bit of a schlep, but on a nice day – totally doable).  Required self disclosure – my husband and I were invited by the Inbal for the weekend. I also tweeted about it the whole weekend, but that was my choice. The hotel impressed me and the people were unbelievably nice and helpful. What a fantastic combination.

This Jerusalem hotel is 5-star. It looks like a 5-star hotel, has the amenities of a 5-star hotel and has the location of a 5-star hotel. So I’m not going to focus on that, because that’s boring. If you’ve been to a 5-star hotel, this is like the others. What makes the Inbal stand out is the service. We went to the spa (which was amazing and idiot me didn’t take photos.) I looked at the gym (but lazy me didn’t go work out and yes, didn’t photos of that either – but it was a great gym. Totally my bad for not going.)

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Classic Coffeehouse in Budapest

Whenever I’m in Budapest I make a point of going to Gerbeaud, not only for the coffee and confectionery mainly for the decor dating back a century and a half.
I imagine sitting at the same marble topped bronze tables, on the same Thonet bentwood chairs; touching the wallpaper, exotic wood paneling, furniture,  looking up at the beautiful chandeliers and stucco ceilings that inspired the writers, painters, composers and statesmen of the nineteenth century.

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Hotel Tour: Nina Cafe Hotel, Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv

Imagine Paris in the 50’s – but luxurious (because Paris post WWII was hardly luxurious, but it was sexy, dark, smoky and stunning). That is Nina Cafe Hotel in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv.
A long long time ago (About 17 years now I think) I spent a summer in Paris. It was AMAZING. I stayed in this little bed and breakfast in the 5th Arrondismont. The place was cheap – but it was charming and the feel of it was magical. Nina Cafe Hotel has the same feel of charm and warmth but add cozy and regal (and yes, you can combine the two and make it work).
Here is a video I took when we entered the room (you can’t see the video from the feedburner email.)

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