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Katamon – the Houses From Within event in Jerusalem

The day was a crazy one. There were so many homes I wanted to see in such a short amount of time, and some just didn’t happen. One place in Ein Kerem had a line so long we decided to leave and not wait, the next place closed because too many people showed up and the owners got freaked out, and the third place we simply couldn’t find on time. But there was a huge silver lining, one family opened their house even though they weren’t on the list, one of the homes we saw had me simply gobsmacked, and another home had such lovely owners we just wanted to stay and hang out for the rest of the day – I’m starting with that house. You’ll see the shockingly lovely one later this week. 

Here’s a great solution for all those old teapots…

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Store / Restaurant review: Pua

There’s a part of Jaffa souk that feels more like a neighborhood. You can see that the shop owners are all friends and that the clientelle feels more like this is their second home. Pua is in the center of that warm ‘family’ district.

Pua is actually a restaurant – a restaurant where everything you see is also for sale.

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Store Review: Metanya

Metanya, in the heart of Jaffa souk, is one of those places where you step in and feel instantly at home. The guy working there was so nice and personable (and we of course forgot to take his name) that you could imagine going there just to hang out with him a bit. On top of all that, the store is a feast for the eyes.

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House Tour: Erin and Tim’s retreat of nirvana

Erin met Tim in India a few years ago while…

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Store review: The store with no name

Souk Ha Pish Pishim in Yaffa is filled with little…

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Design with symbols: Lucky cats

Lucky cats are kind of cute.  Here they all are…

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Online store review: Moss Online

Moss Online is a store that features high end luxury goods…

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Much ado about collections

I was inspired to write about collections after visiting a tiny…

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Have another look at:

Once again Artlook has found a hot item.  Shown here, Doggy…

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Colorful handmade ceramics by Sygalle

No one can deny that Sygalle Giveon-Leshman’s pottery is colorful.…

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