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Store review: Michal Negrin Cafe & Store

I missed Michal Negrin’s house during the Houses From Within tour and wanted to cover it for Tchochkes because friends of mine said it was worth it, so I got her number, spoke to her PR representative and tried to get to see her house.
Instead I was offered her cafe, which wasn’t what I wanted, but I understood that it was the only way I could get to Michal Negrin’s house. And I was right, the second I met Michal and she understood that I wanted to see her home she offered a tour.
But that tour will have to wait until I get back from the US. Instead now you get to see her cafe and store.

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Store Review: A Green Secret

I honestly don’t know how anyone walks past this store without going in. Sod Yarok, Green Secret in English, is a flower store, but not any old flower store. This store IMHO epitomizes the term tchochkes. Every time I walk past the store they have new amazing vases, toys, candle holders, ceramic, glass and other pot plants, toys and furniture. Oh, and they have flowers too.

Window display Green Secret Florist

Tell me how someone walks past that without going in!

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Chairs just like Hafatzim and a warning on red dishes!

Yesterday I got to see a friends flat for the first time and of course I went and looked EVERYWHERE (because I’m annoying like that – fortunately my friends are aware of my obsession and are very forgiving.) I went into his kitchen and saw the gorgeous red plates I’m in love with from Hafatzim, made a comment and got a small tirade.
Apparently these dishes are really badly made and crack when anything hot goes on them (he made an omelette and it cracked when he plated it – that’s ridiculous). Rather an inconvenient trait when they are meant for food. They are expensive – 70 NIS a plate – and when he went to Hafatzim to complain they were not willing to stand behind their product. Considering how expensive their goods are – that’s not a good customer service strategy.
While I love their style, I have to issue a warning now about anything bought at Hafatzim. They obviously don’t care about their customers. On a different note for the same place…

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Store review: Ha’omaniya adds furniture to their art

I’ve wrote about Ha’omaniya when they first opened in February. They’ve since expanded their selection to include more than the wonderful whimsical art pieces – they are now carrying a wonderful selection of remade furniture as well.
Their furniture is very 60’s in style. Highly glossed and mildly psychedelic in shape – but very 80’s in color, like the mauve piece above. The combination is extremely modern and kind of fabulous.

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Store review: Yafe – it’s the things that make a house a home

Store review:Yafe
Yafe is in Gedera. The gift shop is located in one of the restored Biluim buildings that I visited a few weeks ago. There are many buildings that have been converted into dress and gift shops, bars, restaurants and even a hairstylist. I think what drew me in were the windows.

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Store review: Art Maroc

Art Maroc in Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv, is one of those stores that takes you to another world when you walk in the door.  It is a colorful place filled to the brim with all things Moroccan.   I stopped by the other day to pick up some decorative tassels for a friend of mine and I left with a bag full of goodies. 

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Store review: Nedunya grand re-opening

Nedunya is a strange word even in Hebrew.  This French Country store which used to be located just off of King George Street near the Dizengoff Center, has moved.  I found it while walking along Ben Yehuda Street last week but it was closed.  The interior of the store was all set up but the sign on the door read “Opening May 25th”, so I went back on May 25th for the grand re-opening. 
I was told by the store owner that Nedunya means “wedding gifts” in Hebrew, which makes a lot of sense.  This store is entirely stocked with French Country kitchen stuff that would typically be given to a new bride.
*Since I posted this two readers wrote in that Nedunya means “Dowry”… that makes even more sense.

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Store Review: Tel Aviv – Leopard

Leopard has changed the way I view Allenby Street in Tel Aviv. This was once  a street I would avoid with all of my might (and I have plenty of might) so I never, never went there. I would occasionally take the trip between King George and Bialik just so I could go to Cafe Bialik – but other than that – total and utter avoidance.
But no more.
We were driving around Tel Aviv a few weeks ago and I took a wrong turn thinking I could get somewhere in a way I couldn’t and ended up driving by Leopard. I nearly stopped the car mid-traffic to get out and take a look – nearly.

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Designer products for less: Tollman’s Outlet

Tollman’s is one of the nicer shopping digs here in Israel.  How can you go wrong by carrying products made by some of the worlds top designers?
Chairs by Karim Rashid
Tollman’s product line is “top of the line” when it comes to what’s hot in modern design today and their “modern day” price points reflect this.  If you are like me and can look but not buy, then the Tollman’s Outlet may be worth a try.

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Store review: Primitive

I saw Primitive long before I made it into the shop. It was one of those stores that I would slow down when I drove by, hoping to catch more than a glance on my way to whatever destination. Their windows are fabulous and the style always interesting. And last Friday I finally made it into the store.
I have to admit that I don’t normally go for the whole ethnic style, but they do it so well I really found their furniture inviting.

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