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Store review: Bae in San Francisco

Bae is this incredibly sweet little home decor shop in San Francisco. Unlike one of the places on Sacramento Street (the place shall remain nameless) the person working at Bae was really nice and friendly. Even the people shopping were lovely (got to chatting with the bored husband and he was impressed that a Kellogg MBA was doing something that didn’t involve banking.)
Of course, I did fall in love with a few things in particular…

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Vintage Heaven


I wish I could say I discovered this site all on my own, but the truth is, a friend (who I didn’t think was even remotely interested in interior design) turned me on to it a couple of months ago. This Is Not Ikea opened lat year to provide “a place where cool, unique and vintage furniture is available to people at an IKEA price.”
Mission totally accomplished.

Divided into tons of categories, including colors, styles, rooms and more, TINI is the ultimate treasure hunt, a place where you can (and I have) spend hours browsing everything from mirrors and tables to lamps and chairs. I love that the products are so well-organized that I can easily pick out something specific to look at, like a random selection of ashtrays my parents weren’t cool enough to have back in the day.

Love this orange retro ashtray and lighter set!

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Store Review: Hasadna – Is it really Junk?

I got so inspired by these incredible designs made by the creative people of Hasadna. Hasadna, meaning “the workshop” in Hebrew is a fantastic shop you will find in the flea market in Jaffa. They take junk and make it into designer furniture and decor. Simple things that most of us throw out like plastic bags, yellow pages, old maps and even ice-cream spoons. These are the people who help keep that kind stuff out of landfills by transforming into treasure and I am filled with inspiration and awe at their creations.
Did you ever think that you can make a chandelier out of plastic spoons? Well, the crafty people of Hasadna did and they even made some:
red ice-cream-spoon chandelier
green-blue ice-cream-spoon chandelier
pastel ice-cream spoon chandelier

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Store review: Juxtaposition in Newport Beach, California

I knew I was going to like Juxtaposition before I even walked in the store. All it took was a look at the sign out front.
I didn’t know how much I was going to like it though. When I walked inside, I gasped.

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Store review: Carousella in Tel Aviv

Carousella (warning – site doesn’t work on Chrome, grrrr) is an adorable rather insanely high end kids furniture shop in Tel Aviv. Some of their goods are imported, but the bulk of it is designed and manufactured in Israel.
While I love the whimsy of the circus pieces in the picture above I don’t think I would put them in my kids room. My own office, perhaps, but not a kids room. They kind of remind me of the things nightmares are made of.
Which makes me think of Coraline, the new movie. If you haven’t seen this film, you should – it’s amazing. These pieces remind me of that film – which is not for kids and rated PG (of course if my husband reads this I’m in the doghouse because I didn’t realize the rating of the film and we’ve already watched it with The Boys – who were scared absolutely out of their wits by the movie.)

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Greentea Designs Presents: Greentea Designs Store review

This is our first sponsor store review! Greentea Design contacted us and I can’t even tell you how excited I was – the second I saw their name I knew who they were – this is the Asian furniture company that did Kim’s kitchen makeover from DesiretoInspire (only one of my absolutely favorite design blogs!) So yes, when they asked about advertising I pushed the sponsor store review option. I love their stuff, so why not?
Greentea Design does gorgeous Asian inspired wood furniture and kitchen cabinets (like Kim’s). The woods they use are all recycled – taken from the beams of century old buildings in Korea (mainly Gingko and Elm). The furniture is also handmade using traditional Japanese joinery techniques. This is some really nice stuff.

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Store Review: Villa Maroc in Yehuda Halevi Street

For all you people who love Moroccan design, hurry over – there’s a summer sale at Villa Maroc on Yehuda Halevi Street in Tel Aviv! (Warning: not for those who fear bright colors).
Villa Maroc window display

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Store Review: Company C

If you’re like me and colour is your passion then you’ll immediately fall in love with this home furnishings manufacturer. I just peeked into their store in Portland, Maine and was mesmerized by their colours, look and feel.

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Wiscasset Country Antiques

I stopped for a break from driving in a lovely town called Wiscasset. It turns out this place is famous for its antique shops. This is the shop where I just had to take a peak inside.

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Velocity Art and Design

This place is amazing. They are always featuring fresh artists and designers. Based in Seattle, WA, Velocity Art and Design has been running for ten years now. Unfortunately for me I have only seen their online location, but if I ever visit Seattle their showroom would be the first place I’d go. The website has plenty to offer—beautiful merchandise that’s thoughtfully selected, easy navigation, plus a rich online community through their blog which I’m guessing mirrors the vibrant local community they seem to have created in Seattle.

Jeremiah Ketner, "Try Not To Wake Her" painting
Jeremiah Ketner, "Try Not To Wake Her" painting

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