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To stay, to go or to renovate?

To renovate or not to renovate – that is the question. Yesterday my husband and I looked at an empty shell of a house located on the street behind us. I wanted to know whether it made sense to build a second floor on our own place, or if we should sell and buy something else.

(All of the pictures were taken from Google – it’s not the house we looked at.)

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My house


This is my kitchen counter. No, it’s not meant to be an advertisement for Palmolive (but if they wanted to be an advertiser on the site I wouldn’t say no). It’s an example. An example of how little things can make a difference.

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Historic Site: The Pagoda House

 The Pagoda House, situated on Nahmani & Montefiore streets was built…

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Historical site review: Sarona

Old world style in Tel Aviv Historic Sarona in Tel Aviv…

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Home Tour – Sharon’s house of warmth and light

Sharon lives across the street from me, and my brother…

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Decorating on a budget doesn’t have to be a terrible thing

Living in Israel is expensive, and typically our money is…

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Ignore the mess inside and on top of the hutch…

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