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Reader Question: What to do with a front entry way?

My girlfriend Sara Eisen actually sent me this picture ages ago. I always meant to get to it – but never did. Until today.
Sara hates the “balatot” (terrazzo) tiles in her front entryway, but getting the area re-tiled isn’t currently an option. So she asked me about cutting out an area of the tiles and putting in decorative tiles instead.
sara_entryway (Small)

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Reader Question: What should I do with my living room?

Remember Tammy with her maroon terrazzo tiles and dark yellow knotty pine ceiling that Patti and I hated and Judy liked?
Well we got a letter from Nancy showing us how she dealt with her pine ceiling and asking us for some help:
Hi Shira!–
When we bought our new home it also had a pine ceiling that I couldn’t stand!!
Before we moved in we put white “Geves” (plaster) boards between the beams. It was a challenge because in some places the ceiling is nearly 3 stories high.
I love the way ceiling looks now! (I’ve attached pictures)

The interior design of the living room however has remained a challenge. Our old furniture doesn’t fill up this large room and looks out of place here. The high ceiling makes the room seem even bigger. I’ve taken some pictures from the floor above so you can see the whole room, and would love to hear what you think.
Thank you, Nancy

Nancy_porat_living_room (Small)
I thought I needed to see more before giving an opinion – so I wrote back asking for more photos.

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Reader question: What to do with a brick red terrazzo floor?

Brick red terrazzo floor. Not the easiest thing to live with unless you love brick red. Especially difficult to live with mixed with actual dark red brick walls and a yellow pine ceiling. Did I mention the yellow pine  stair banister – oh – and the fact that you hate the floor? This is the unfortunate situation of today’s reader who sent me this email:

Hi Shira,

I’m sending you  pics of my house.

The main issue: I would love feedback on is how to deal with the floor. It is so dark and busy. To my eye, it clashes with the brick fireplace, the pine ceiling and the stair banister. These last three all seem to  have warm orange undertones, while the floor is kind of a burgundy colour. What would you change?

The floor also really limits me. I would have loved to paint the place with some clear colour, probably shades of soft spring green, but I stuck to a cementy/grayish greeny white because the floor is so dominant. I didn’t think it would be smart to have too many players on one scene.

Every piece of furniture seems ‘lost’ on this floor, to say nothing of patterned upholstery.

If I do change the floor eventually, what would you recommend?
I would also love constructive criticism on the place in general. Some things are missing due to budget constraints (would love an area rug in lr, would love a chandelier, etc). Some stuff is missing because I am no interior designer, so it’s always nice to hear an educated opinion. (And no, I won’t be insulted at criticism, as long as it’s not too scathing!)
Thank you,


The offending floor in question

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Reader write in: Color questions answered

Dear Tchochkes,
     When we moved in, I was in such a rush to make our place look like home that I had all our art put up without painting over the white.  Now I am itching to paint in warmer tones, but don’t want to start having to take out all the screws etc… I also put up some really nice wall decals that I bought over the Internet and they are not reusable… I would love some help with the colors too.
                                                                                             ~ Thanks
* I wonder if it would be weird to leave the wall with the decals white?
* Can I paint over the screws in the walls?
* What colors should I paint?

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What do to with an orange sofa?

I love Tchochkes readers. We just got a comment in an ancient post of mine “What not to do with an orange sofa” and it was too good of a question to leave in an old post:
I just ordered a sectional orange sofa that just looks like this one (it’s actually a sleeper sofa) along with brown wood coffee table from Macy’s

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Reader question: LED light source and Jerusalem stone cleaning

I’m looking in Jerusalem  or for that matter anywhere  for…

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