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Swedish kurbits “look-a-like” lantern

Red Painted Lantern Does this look like a Swedish kurbits…

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Innovative lighting: Ayala Serfaty

Aqua Creations, the brain child of Israeli designer Ayala Serfaty is a unique combination of beauty, functionality and art.  Her work, which is heavily inspired by organic forms found in nature and undersea themes; is reflective of well known glass artist Dale Chihuly
Ayala Serfaty’s silk collection is one of her most marketable lines, here she shapes the fabric to create these sculptural floor lamps.
“Morning Glory”

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Nice things at IKEA, but are they here yet?

IKEA Kulla Lamp

IKEA is a huge success here in Israel.  The products, sizes and the overall look is a perfect fit for the customer and the country.  I went there today to check for a few items that I have seen highlighted  in the design world; most recently the Kulla Lamp shown here was featured in The New York Times style section.  I did find the Kulla Lamp, table and floor standing; plus the hanging version shown below.  By the way, none of these items are featured in the local online catalog, I found them in the American catalogue after I saw the lamp in the Times.

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Just bulbs… or not

A variety of bulbs

Light is one of, if not THE most important aspects of interior decorating.  Without light there is no color…  only darkness. 

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Store review: Lamps

Lamps is located in the heart of Souk HaPishPishim in Jaffa and has possibly the widest selection of proper (and I define proper as in a lamp with something other than a paper shade) lamps I’ve seen in this country. I fell in love with the lamp below, with it’s green glass shade and brass base. I can’t even tell you why I like it so much, but I do.

The people who own the store happen to be positively lovely as well. The wife was very excited when I told her about Tchochkes and she turned on her favorite light for me to picture…

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Designer review: Sofi Bar-Adon

Israeli product designer Sofi bar-Adon  has a small line of interesting items.  Her…

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Great bathroom – too bad about that light

I’m ignoring the awful interior design faux pas favorite of…

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Studio Luca

Studio Luca is located in heaven (Beit Lechem Ha’Glilit) and…

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Insane table lamps

You don’t have to be a drag queen to love…

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Old school arm lamps really do it for me

I love mixing modern style with retro, and the best…

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