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Store / Restaurant review: Pua

There’s a part of Jaffa souk that feels more like a neighborhood. You can see that the shop owners are all friends and that the clientelle feels more like this is their second home. Pua is in the center of that warm ‘family’ district.

Pua is actually a restaurant – a restaurant where everything you see is also for sale.

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Store Review: Metanya

Metanya, in the heart of Jaffa souk, is one of those places where you step in and feel instantly at home. The guy working there was so nice and personable (and we of course forgot to take his name) that you could imagine going there just to hang out with him a bit. On top of all that, the store is a feast for the eyes.

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Design with symbols: Lucky cats

Lucky cats are kind of cute.  Here they all are…

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Much ado about collections

I was inspired to write about collections after visiting a tiny…

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Have another look at:

Once again Artlook has found a hot item.  Shown here, Doggy…

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Art and about…

If you happen to be in New York… Be  inspired…

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Zoli Havazelet Neuman – Israeli interior designer

Zoli Havazelet Neuman is an Israeli interior designer who I…

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Insane table lamps

You don’t have to be a drag queen to love…

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