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Collecting canisters

Canisters from Great Bay
Canisters are one of those items that make collecting fun and challenging.  Many times sets are made to be broken, as is the case with this decorative and useful item.  Usually found in sets of three, these containers are little stories in themselves.  But because of their nature as separate items with detachable lids quite often canisters sets do not survive the test of time.  The canister itself can be found in interesting shapes and sizes while the subject depicted on the exterior creates another dimension where stories can be told. 

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Smells like Team Spirit

pink_yankees_bedroomIt’s that time of year again! No, not Halloween (though to be sure, I do have my costume ready for tomorrow night), but time for that Fall Classic; the World Series.  And being in New York, I’m in town to root on my favorite team! Now, I’m not going to go as far as too get any of this paraphernalia, “tchochkes,” if you will. A comfy hoodie is all I really need to show off my team colors. But, should your colors’ run thicker through your veins, here are some ideas as to how to infuse your loyalty into your home decor. Not a Yankees fan? Boo! Hiss! Just kidding, check for your favorite team at

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Window Shopping in Frankfurt

Reporting from the Lower East Side, New York (my hometown)! I’ll be in the states for about a month, though today’s post has nothing to do with the Lower East Side, New York or even the United States.

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Quicky Saturday Post – Chrysler Building Lantern

I just came across this adorable lantern. Perhaps because of today’s date (September 11 as I write this), I’ve become a little nostalgic for my hometown.

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Dog pillows fit for kings& queens

I am in the market for some floor pillows and I came across these.  They are really nice and they are for dogs, not too shaggy (scooby doo !).  I am thinking of using these for myself and letting my cat indulge from time to time… not sure that the hubby will go for it.
Really nice dog pillows by Bark  (love the name).

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Nachalat Binyamin in Color

I went to Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv today. It is a pedestrian mall and on Fridays artists set up booths to sell their wares. It is kind of like a Middle Eastern Portobello Road market. Here are some photos from my trip:


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Catch the Sunlight in a Jar

sunjar These clever UK designers have created and eco-friendly Mason jar that will store the sunlight during the day and shine at night!

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Store Review: Leopard Fun (the kitchen shop)

Leopard Fun is located up the block from Leopard, the main home shop that we reviewed previously. However you would never expect the stores to be related by the style of the items they carry. Only the name of the shop gave it away. Both stores carry well made items – but Leopard Fun has a heavy dose of whimsy – which is great for the kitchen.
Ignore the wallpaper and the seriously shoddy job of pasting the wallpaper on the wall – how cute are these kitschy clocks?

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Shira Abel is the CEO and founder of Hunter & Bard, an award-winning public relations and design agency that works with scale-ups and enterprises on building their brand, awareness and thought leadership.

As CEO of Hunter & Bard, Shira oversees a team that manages public relations, marketing, design, and brand development for clients across multiple industries. She develops strategies for organically growing companies through sincere digital engagement and the application of behavioral marketing.

Clients include JELD-WEN, Benchling, Sixth Continent, Totango, Folloze, Radix DLT, Axa Tech, Allianz, and many more. Shira is also a sought after corporate speaker and marketing mentor, and has spoken at events such as Confluence and Content Marketing World, and taught at institutions such as Kellogg School of Management and S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai.

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Jewish drinking glasses, really!

I can’t decide if these 10oz. juice glasses from Fishs…

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Store review: Yafe – it’s the things that make a house a home

Store review:Yafe
Yafe is in Gedera. The gift shop is located in one of the restored Biluim buildings that I visited a few weeks ago. There are many buildings that have been converted into dress and gift shops, bars, restaurants and even a hairstylist. I think what drew me in were the windows.

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