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Cool cookware

“Way cool” frying pans from the Italian company TVS  are available here at ACE. 

 Also seen at Target, for once we can get it here too!  I saw these decorative frying pans and got really excited.  I see many display possibilities for this innovative cookware, especially if you have a hanging pot rack in your kitchen. 

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The Gerber house – part 3

Before I start on this post I have to rave about a tomato risotto with saffron I just made. (not kosher – sorry.) We have basil and cherry tomatoes growing in our backyard and I made chicken soup earlier this week (so I had fresh broth). OMG – yum. I just made 2 adjustments, I added 1/4 cup white wine in the beginning instead of the vermouth at the end (because I don’t have vermouth, I’m not even sure what that is) and I added celery with the onion because I had extra from making the soup. Seriously yummy. 
Speaking of cooking, the Gerbers had the most amazing kitchen! I’m loving the painted table with the Hafatzim chairs. I’m thinking I need that look (when I finally have a big enough space for a table like that…) Did I mention how much I love those chairs?

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The never ending wallpaper project…

 This wallpaper project did end eventually but not until it got the best of me!

Here is the kitchen that I worked on over the summer.  The wall paper shown here was applied 30 years ago.  Notice the niche on the right with the wallpaper behind the shelves.


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SpiceIT – The Kitchens

Now I get it. They stage homes. For an absolutely…

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How could I have missed the Alessi timer

After finishing the Tollman’s post I kept looking at their…

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Fresh bread mmmmmmmmm…….

Almost a year ago now we inherited a breadmaker from…

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Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen is a custom kitchen designer based in Neve…

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Handmade art stone anyone?

Ignoring the interesting Israeli-English, Pnina Maron from P.M. Studio has…

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Shopping in Florentine

After trying to get the lamps from Hafatzim a few…

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More on Kitchens

Kindly ignore the clutter on the counter – the picture…

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