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Biblical salt & pepper shakers by Yair Emanuel

In Israel, pomegranates are a symbol for new beginnings…
Like many of the talented local artisans here, Yair Emanuel is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.  “Bezalel” is rated as one of the highest art related colleges here in Israel.  Where you go to school is one thing and what you do when you graduate is another.  I am featuring his work for a few good reasons.

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Ceramic Artist: Hadas Ella – innovative serving design

What would you say to a cake platter that was already precut into triangular servings?


Terrific! Aesthetically pleasing! White (it goes with any place setting) and efficient – more room on the table and less to wash up! I thought this was such a clever piece designed by ceramic artist: Hadas Ella.

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Store review: Nedunya grand re-opening

Nedunya is a strange word even in Hebrew.  This French Country store which used to be located just off of King George Street near the Dizengoff Center, has moved.  I found it while walking along Ben Yehuda Street last week but it was closed.  The interior of the store was all set up but the sign on the door read “Opening May 25th”, so I went back on May 25th for the grand re-opening. 
I was told by the store owner that Nedunya means “wedding gifts” in Hebrew, which makes a lot of sense.  This store is entirely stocked with French Country kitchen stuff that would typically be given to a new bride.
*Since I posted this two readers wrote in that Nedunya means “Dowry”… that makes even more sense.

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Home tour: Dropping in on Michal “Bialik”

On the first day of Houses From Within I went to lunch at the very cool Cafe Bialik and sat at the bar. I’m bored so I start chatting with a guy sitting a few stools down. He was a real character, asking me if I was religious and such (I guess I kind of looked it from the way I was dressed) and I found him thoroughly entertaining. We eventually discussed Tchochkes and family and kids (what can I say? I’m chatty.)
That day I ordered the BLT and it was really good.
I liked the BLT so much the next day I went back for another one (because they made the bacon crispy – which for some reason is really hard to find in Israel.) This time I sat at a table.
Looking around the restaurant I thought to myself, ‘I bet the owner has a fabulous apartment. There are just too many really cool elements of design in this place.’ So I saw the owner and asked her if I could take pictures of her flat.
Turns out that she already knew about me. The guy I was chatting with the previous day was her brother and he had mentioned me.  So she said yes, and walked me to her flat after I finished my meal. I love it when that happens.

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The tile files

I am a tile enthusiast, one who absolutely adores tiles.  I love them enough to have carried a big bag full home from a trip to Spain for my then mosaic habit… those were the days!
Stardust Glass Tile has some of the most beautiful hand made inventory that I have seen in a long time.  This Portland, Oregon based company is also green; making all of their tiles from recycled glass that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. 

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Dinnerware (aka dishes): flowered, patterned, or plain?

I have a new obsession – dinnerware. Dishes, plates, bowls, cups, saucers – the whole lot. We need new dishes and we need them now.
It’s not that I don’t like the dinnerware we have. Back in the day when Pottery Barn actually had a few affordable items in their store they used to sell this fantastic set of cafeware – $35 for a set of 16 pieces (mug, bowl, regular plate and salad plate). It was brilliant and I made my husband carry 2 boxes home when we visited the US before we got married. This set has been a fantastic one, but now they are starting to die. Children and life have broken so many that we can no longer set a table for 6 – forget the original 8. And soup is now only for 1. If Pottery Barn still offered this set I would find a way to get them and bring them home (I like the set that much) – but they don’t. So a new set it is.
But what kind of set? Do I want plain? Flowered? Patterned? Correll (which never breaks – but I’m not nuts about the look)? And then of course there’s the cost of a new set…


Like these Golf & Co. kistchy flowered dinnerware set. Yes, they are well over the top on the barf me cute factor – but I like them. Especially the striped plate on the bottom which you can barely see. I don’t think my husband would be nuts about quite so much pink though.

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A quick “table top” chuckle

This is a good one… it made me smile.   I…

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There and back with kitchen cabinets

Hoosier Style Kitchen Cabinet, 1930’s
I once had the pleasure of living in a Victorian style building in Brooklyn, N.Y. that had a kitchen just like the one shown here.  Although it is “romantic” it is really not practical and actually quite dysfunctional for today’s living standards.  The limited counter top, small interior cabinets and tiny drawers made it nearly impossible to store large kitchen appliances.  These kitchens were abundant in the 1930’s.

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Design styles: Pueblo Revival

Pueblo Revival Style Home
Taking it’s cue from the Pueblo Indians, Pueblo Revival style is a mix of traditional meets Spanish infusion.  In vogue from the early 1900’s through the 1930’s, this style is still a popular choice in home building today.  Pueblo Revival distinguishes itself with the addition of exterior details like wooden porch posts, prominent roof lines and grand entrances.  Earlier models used sun dried mud or “adobe” as the dominant building material but cement, stucco and mortar are more commonly used in modern homes of this fashion. 
* “Revival” basically means bigger and better than the style that came before it.

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My new obsession – kitchen tables

I finish my EMBA in July (G-d willing) and I’m already compiling the mental list of things around the house that need to be replaced or fixed after I finish school. My new top of the list item is a kitchen table (it wavers between replacing our kitchen table and replacing our full bed with a king or queen).
We bought our current table when we first moved in together 7 years ago – my husband (then boyfriend) found it used, with the chairs, for 100 NIS (about 25 USD). The top of the table was thrashed, it didn’t extend, it was slightly tilted, the color was awful, but the shape was OK and the chairs had potential. I painted the whole set white, sanded down the edges to let out some of the dark stain underneath – and voila, shabby chic (before it invaded Israel full-stop.) 

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