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Welcome to the Floor Show

For the past four years we’ve lived in our house,…

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Tis the Season…for a Shiny New Grill!

So after much debate, price comparisons and checking of Consumer…

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Keep it Fresh

prepara herb savorDon’t ask me how, but my husband has a knack for finding cool kitchen accessories that actually live up to their claims, and this thing is no different. Because that’s what I thought when I opened it during what I like to refer to as “A Very Foodie Christmas” last year—what is this thing?
This thing is the Herb Savor from Prepara. Aesthetically pleasing in its design, the Herb Savor was created to prolong the life of fresh herbs for up to three weeks. Having been in a cooking slump, until recently the thought of cooking with fresh herbs really hadn’t crossed my mind. But last week, I decided to reinvigorate one of my favorite go-to recipes—oven-roasted fingerling potatoes sprinkled with sea salt—with some fresh Italian parsley. Noting the presence of the still-unused Herb Savor sitting on the kitchen cabinet, I figured I might as well buy a big bunch of parsley and finally give it a whirl.

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Collecting canisters

Canisters from Great Bay
Canisters are one of those items that make collecting fun and challenging.  Many times sets are made to be broken, as is the case with this decorative and useful item.  Usually found in sets of three, these containers are little stories in themselves.  But because of their nature as separate items with detachable lids quite often canisters sets do not survive the test of time.  The canister itself can be found in interesting shapes and sizes while the subject depicted on the exterior creates another dimension where stories can be told. 

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Zesty! The Marvelous Microplane

microplane zester/grater
Microplane Classic Premium Zester/Grater

I have to admit that on Monday I wasn’t certain what I would write about today. It’s been one of those weeks, right? But Tuesday morning I was putting together a crock pot dish before work, and when I started grating the ginger it dawned on me—Microplane’s excellent (and sharp!) kitchen tools. I have the zester/grater pictured above (in red), and a spice grater sans handle, both of which I use on a fairly regular basis.

Aside from being well made, extremely sharp and impossibly sturdy (I’ve had mine for five or six years), I love that they’re made right here in Arkansas, about an hour or so north of Little Rock. Located in Russellville (aka RussVegas), Microplane started out innocently enough as a woodworking tool, created by brothers Jeff and Richard Grace, whose company manufactured parts for the printing industry. But it was a Canadian woman more than 1,400 miles away who helped bring Microplane into our kitchens.

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High-Performance Cookware

Over the past 10 or so years that I’ve been…

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A Very Pantone Christmas

The best gifts, no matter the occasion, are the ones…

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Good wood product: Butcher block

I met and fell in love with the butcher block many years ago in my then boyfriend’s kitchen (now he’s my husband and I have the block in my home).  No, I didn’t marry him for his butcher block if that’s what you’re thinking.  The diversity of this product has proven itself three homes later, it is the focal point in my kitchen.
My Butcher Block

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Gingerbread Real Estate

If you have ever attempted to construct a gingerbread house, you know how daunting it can be.
This is a replica of the Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto. It took three weeks to build this gingerbread version.
Most of us don’t have the ambition, “people” power or materials to construct these masterpieces. I explored other possibilities, history and finally our attempt.

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Store Review: Live O in Tel-Aviv

I was inspired by this store’s unique display of an ancient product still very much in use today.
Live O is an interesting play on the word olive.  Olive oil has been around since at least the  5th millennium BCE  providing sustenance, beauty and life.

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