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The Gerber house – part 3

Before I start on this post I have to rave about a tomato risotto with saffron I just made. (not kosher – sorry.) We have basil and cherry tomatoes growing in our backyard and I made chicken soup earlier this week (so I had fresh broth). OMG – yum. I just made 2 adjustments, I added 1/4 cup white wine in the beginning instead of the vermouth at the end (because I don’t have vermouth, I’m not even sure what that is) and I added celery with the onion because I had extra from making the soup. Seriously yummy. 
Speaking of cooking, the Gerbers had the most amazing kitchen! I’m loving the painted table with the Hafatzim chairs. I’m thinking I need that look (when I finally have a big enough space for a table like that…) Did I mention how much I love those chairs?

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Sharon Neuman Architects

Sharon Neuman Architects is an architect / interior designer based in Ceasaria who has some seriously stylish clients. I found her work on accident. While checking out Katalog with Patti I saw some neat looking business cards on the counter – so I took one. Glad I did. She’s also really nice and speaks excellent English (I called her for the photos). 

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Home tour: Bohemian chic

A private garden entrance graces this home in Cesaria, a place that is known for it’s lush beauty and convenient location not far from the sea.   

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Home tour – Shoshana’s cozy chaos

Nearly sixty years ago my husbands family came to Israel from Batsra, Iraq. They were put in ma’abara (tent villages outside of Jerusalem) and eventually were moved to this apartment in Katamon Vov about fifty years ago. Shoshana, my husbands aunt, has lived there ever since.

Originally the flat (apartment) held six children and two parents – all in a space of about 50 sq. meters (500 sq. feet). When Shoshana inherited the apartment, she and her husband added on to make it 70 sq. meters.

Suddenly my 115 Sq. meter (1150 sq. feet) house seems so big…

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Jerusalem Houses From Within – the yummy house, part 1

When I was a child my father used to tell me, ‘it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor one.’ Now, I’m not saying I’m poor – because I’m not – but I don’t live like this either (yet), and I want to. I repeated my fathers adage jokingly to my husband while walking wide-eyed through the master bath.
When we walked into the master bedroom my husband turned to me and said, ‘I should have listened to your father as well.’
We really liked this house.

Not surprisingly, I took a serious amount of pictures (58 to be exact), so this may end up being 2 posts.

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Katamon – the Houses From Within event in Jerusalem

The day was a crazy one. There were so many homes I wanted to see in such a short amount of time, and some just didn’t happen. One place in Ein Kerem had a line so long we decided to leave and not wait, the next place closed because too many people showed up and the owners got freaked out, and the third place we simply couldn’t find on time. But there was a huge silver lining, one family opened their house even though they weren’t on the list, one of the homes we saw had me simply gobsmacked, and another home had such lovely owners we just wanted to stay and hang out for the rest of the day – I’m starting with that house. You’ll see the shockingly lovely one later this week. 

Here’s a great solution for all those old teapots…

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House Tour: Erin and Tim’s retreat of nirvana

Erin met Tim in India a few years ago while…

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Home Tour: South of the border

Gesher Haziv, a kibbutz in the Western Galilee is located…

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Home tour 2: The details

Once upon a time every home in Israel had terrazzo…

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Home Tour: A touch of Dutch

Dutch design speaks through minimalism, this house in Kfar Yona makes…

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