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Home Tour: Covenhoven on Minister’s Island

Who would think of building on an island that can only be reached at low tide?

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Home tour: Michael and Nava Abel’s colorful gallery – Part 2

On Monday we went through Part 1 of Nava and Michael Abel’s colorful home.  Today we are going upstairs and seeing the rest of the house.
The stairs are industrial metal stairs that make a fantastic clomping noise when you step on them – which is perfect if you’re in the living room and listening out for small children going somewhere they aren’t allowed…

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Home Tour: Michael and Nava Abel’s living gallery – part 1

If the last name sounds familiar, it should. It’s my maiden name.
Michael is my much older brother and lives on the street behind me with his wife, Nava, and three kids. He designed and built this house and Nava painted it – literally.
This is from their front door – that’s Pebbles, the second-best dog in the world (the first being my Banna). The floor is cement. Nava painted the pattern and then they added several layers of lacquer with hardener over it to seal the pattern from damage. As you can see, they love color. There isn’t a single white wall in the house. Not even a white ceiling.

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Home tour: Architect Dan Troim’s Apartment

Welcome to a place of elegance and simplicity on Dubnov Street. Architect, Dan Troim, bought a 2 and a half room apartment two years ago and transformed it into an elegant bachelor pad by tearing down most of the walls and creating one lovely large rectangular space. Dan is known for the stylish restaurant interiors that he does, though he also designs apartments and other projects.
His own apartment is airy and gives one a wonderful sense of space. There is a lot of white and he uses different textures on the walls for some variation on the white theme. Dan added many large windows which means that there is a lot of natural light streaming into the apartment. Unfortunately you don’t see these types of windows often in Israel. This apartment really appeals to my Zen side.
Here is the entrance hall and workspace:
Interior design - Entrance

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Home Tour: Smart Home: Green + Wired


Photos by JB Spector, Museum of Science and Industry
Chicago is no stranger to amazing architecture and fabulous design, and the Smart Home: Green + Wired, Powered by ComEd exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry marries these elements in a stylish, eco-friendly way. Designed by Michelle Kaufmann Designs and built by All American Homes, this 2,500-square-foot modular home features three levels of sustainable living, from reclaimed and recycled materials to a home automation system and occupancy sensors that turn off lights, television and music when no one is in the room.
I toured the Smart Home a couple of weeks ago, and while I really could have done a better job with the tour than our guide, I was impressed at how well the home showcases a green life that is accessible to almost anyone. (I was also impressed at how eco-smart the little kids in my tour group were, it gives me hope!)

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Home tour: Mission Loft designed by Susan Diana Harris

This color filled, light and happy loft was designed by Susan Diana Harris whom I know from Twitter. The Mission Loft is featured on her website, and when I saw it I immediately asked for copies of the photos for a home tour.
Below is the entryway – if you think that’s colorful, just wait till you see the rest of the place.
All photos by: Frankie Norstad Photograhy
Bright fuschia walls with a cobalt blue ceiling – but it isn’t Morocco – it’s San Francisco.

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Home Tour: Adi Pecket’s Arnon Street Apartment

Adi is a friend of mine whom I followed on flickr for at least two years and then met in real life by chance earlier this year. Turns out she is an architect and interior designer with major talent (of course all my friends are talented).
The apartment is on Arnon Street, off Ibn Gvirol in the “old north” of Tel Aviv. The place was a simple old Tel Aviv apartment, nothing special. Within 4 months she transformed it into what you are about to see (unfortunately there are no “before” shots, so the “after” ones will have to do).
What can I say? The wooden floors are fantastic, the windows enlightening, the feel is Tel Aviv with a little Europe mixed in. Most of the furniture is from the flea market in Jaffa and there are tasteful bits from Ikea as well. FYI, Adi is open to doing projects in Israel and abroad.
As you walk into the apartment you see this amazing transformed bathroom cabinet from the Flea market in Jaffa with a rotating exhibition of pictures, babushkas and more fun stuff. The grey-green wall off sets the cabinet really well.
Entrance with transformed medicine cabinet

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Home tour: The couple whose name I never got

Yes, there’s a story that goes with this. I was in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv last week. As I was walking from Cafe Tazza D’oro back to my car I heard loud dance music and I saw an open gate. I couldn’t help myself… I peaked in… and then I walked in (which, if you knew me, wouldn’t shock you in the slightest.) It was obvious that the inhabitants were planning for a party. It was also obvious that this place had something most places don’t have in Tel Aviv – large ground floor patio space totally enclosed by a fence.
For those of you not in Israel, Neve Tzedek was the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv and is currently the most expensive property in the city. However, there are still many places built ages ago which are rented and not refurbished (although that is changing). This place would be one of those.

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Home tour: Welcome to My Place

Today I’m inviting you to my apartment. After spraining my ankle last Friday and spending most of the week either on my couch or my bed with my right foot elevated, I decided that you should come and visit my place instead of me wandering around looking for places to photograph. I live in a 2 room apartment on the border of Tel Aviv – Givatayim, but it’s Tel Aviv. Some may argue that it’s Givatayim, but I know it’s Tel Aviv because I pay city tax to the TLV municipality.

I photographed the good parts 🙂 . That’s what’s good about writing about my apartment, I can leave out the messy bits, unless they’re cool of course like my creatively messy desk you will see later on.

Here’s the first thing you see when you walk in – La Cucina

La Cucina

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Home tour: Ruthie and Ze’ev’s eclectic palace – Part 1

Thank goodness I live in a great neighborhood. I was supposed to take pictures of my brothers house for today’s post but it turns out that the house is filled with ticks from their dog (who is now asleep on my floor…) and it’s currently getting fumigated, so I was stuck without a Monday Home Tour! Out came the phone book and called my neighbor Ze’ev, an architect married to an amazing jewelry artist – Ruthie. I said “Ze’ev, I need your help,” and he replied “Do you want me to pick up your kids?”
Um, no. I need to take pictures of your amazing house.
They built their home about 10 years ago now, taking things, like the doors above, from old homes Ze’ev has renovated (in Israel they don’t have architectural scrap yards for some reason – they just throw everything away) and incorporating Ruthie’s pottery.

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