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Houses From Within Tel Aviv – My Favorite Place – Hila Caspi’s Home

Houses from Within, Tel Aviv 2010 was a month ago. I was fortunate enough to get a press pass (thank you Aviva!) so I drove around Tel Aviv like a mad woman dashing from apartment to apartment. I saw 19 places in all and I’ve decided to start off the reviews with my favorite apartment from the whole weekend – Hila Caspi’s home. It’s a small flat in north Tel Aviv but I adore how she maximized the space, light and interest in the apartment.

The whole flat is around 70 square meters. The floor is cement (which was a major trend this time around – so much so that by the end of the weekend I was bored of it), the kitchen is shiny white (another trend which had me yawning by the end of the weekend). However, this was the first place I saw both in, so I was still excited while photographing the place. So why do I love it so much when it holds two pieces that I find rather tired and unoriginal? She has the most brilliant use of space for her tiny flat, some totally unexpected design elements that really got me and she has possibly the best made bed in Israel.
I’m so not kidding there.

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House of Worship in the middle of downtown

Dwarfed by Tel-Aviv’s downtown skyscrapers this little house of worship still manages to thrive.

The Ohel Moed synagogue was part of the Houses from Within tours that I was at the beginning of May.
In 1925 Joseph Berlin was commissioned to design a synagogue for the Yemenite Jewish community. Founded and funded with the help of Adeni Jews, it became the largest Sephardi synagogue of Tel Aviv.
Today the building is used for daily prayers by employees of the Electrical Company who work nearby and some 15 regular worshipers who come on the Sabbath.  The place is kept alive thanks to an entrepreneur who operates it as a trendy family occasion hall.

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Home Tour: Michal Negrin

One thing can be said for Michal Negrin – she is a woman with definitive style.
There is no doubting from the moment you walk into her home who owns it. It’s sort of fabulous in a way. The same way that I love this insane pink and purple house in my neighborhood owned by one of the local geriatric mafia (my nickname for the seniors in the neighborhood who flag you down when driving and order ask you to drive them to the center of town – they kind of ignore if you say no and get in anyway).

It’s not a small apartment if you consider the size of the rooms, but there is so much crammed into the space,  you’d never know it.

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Home Tour: The Unexpected from the Jerusalem Homes from Within

Every year during Houses from Within people open their homes to complete strangers. And occasionally, their neighbors who weren’t approached to open their house want a bit of the action – and open their homes too. These are typically the the unforgotten unsung heroes of the proletariat. Older people alone looking for some recognition living in simple design with a smattering of kitsch.
IMG_8403 (Small)
Todays post is for them.

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Home tour: Toll Brother’s model home

The economy has not fueled the fire for home builders these days but there are still some amazing examples of fairy tale homes that once were and still are on the market.  I recently had the pleasure of visiting one of these developments in upstate N.Y.  Toll Brothers, a developer that promotes the high life has a development of this sort that is to die for.  I toured the model home which doubles as the main office.
Play Room

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Home tour: My Aunt & Uncle’s home in California

I can’t say where it is and I can’t say who owns it – but they are family and  I spent many a great weekend here growing up.  I can remember the smell of the house most of all. It always smelled like something good was either cooking, or about to be cooked. And it always felt homey – like sitting under a quilt while reading a fantastic engaging book during a Fall morning drinking a lovely cup of tea. And it’s the feel of this house I tried to reproduce when I designed my own.

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Home Tour: Artist Ruth Havilio in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

On a completely different note – I’m now officially a Kellogg-Recanati MBA! YEAH!
Ruth Havilio is an artist that lives in a multi-story stone house in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. This home was fascinating on many levels – mainly because the house was so many levels. The whole property had rooms and doorways and walkways and paths that were slowly being renovated but currently weren’t being used.
This blue was on all of the fences and gates of the property. I love it. When we change the colors of our home – I’m thinking all of our metal will be the color of this fence.
Ruth shares this one bedroom space with her daughter. The living area doubles as her sleeping quarters at night. Don’t feel too bad for her though – in a few years she’ll be sleeping in a mansion. This place has tons of space, it just has to be renovated.

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Home tour: Haim Hazaz’s Apartment in Jerusalem

Haim Hazaz lived an amazing life. He escaped the Nazi’s and wrote a story praised by T.S. Eliot. However, as this is Tchochkes and not a political or literature journal – we’re more interested in his really cute flat in the Talbia area of Jerusalem. His widow (who was an absolute doll when I met her) lives there now.
This was one of the many houses I toured thanks to Houses from Within – Jerusalem (yes, you’ll be seeing homes from those two days in September for many weeks to come). I fell in love with this flat from the moment I walked in and saw the French blue door mixed with the yellow carpet tile. Isn’t the combination just stunning? This flat had the prettiest carpet tiles I’ve ever seen.
Love that tile.

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Home Tour: Zamenhoff House (the Eshet family)

I toured this house as part of the Houses from Within – Jerusalem weekend in September. Although it’s called the Zamenhoff house actually the Eshet family lives in what was once two homes.

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Home Tour: Architect Roey Alroey in Jerusalem

Architect Roey Alroey opened his home during the Houses from Within – Jerusalem tour in September (you’ll be seeing homes from this for awhile.) His newly built, three floor home was designed to keep the feel of his neighborhood, Kiryat Yovel. The neighborhood is filled with old homes that have been added on in a “we need so we add-on” organic fashion.
As such he kept the finishes simple and the materials inexpensive.
The design, however, raises up the various elements to a much higher aesthetic.

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