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Incognito light bulb

CFL Energy Saving Lightbulb
Just when the world is getting used to the looks of the CFL spiral light bulb, a change is on it’s way.  I came across a new product by General Electric that is a CFL disguised as a light bulb…

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Recycle, reuse: Woven products

Colorful Woven Baskets by Guy Lougashi
These baskets were recently featured in Hadassah Magazine, a popular Jewish publication in the USA.  The article highlighted many Isreali artists, most of whom do not have websites.  Guy Lougashi is one of the few artists who has gotten some coverage,  he weaves these beautiful baskets out of recycled paper using traditional patterns.  Not only are they beautiful, some of the proceeds go to Shekulo Tov; an organization that helps people suffering from mental illness.

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Biodegradable flooring: Linoleum

*Did you know that the first biodegradable flooring was available 150 years ago?
Yes, and that would be linoleum.  All fingers point toward the environment these days and it is important to identify, or in this case re-identify products that fit the present needs of decorators and designers .  Linoleum, who’s main ingredient is linseed oil with sub ingredients of ground limestone, resin, cork and wood; is 100% biodegradable.

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Energy wise

The Energy Detective
All roads lead to energy conservation and awareness these days as the world turns green.  More times than not I wonder how much energy my appliances are using, especially here in Israel where the air conditioner doubles as a heater.  I supplement this (ill-functioning) utility with a floor standing oil filled radiator in each of our two bedrooms, turned up to full throttle it cost .20 cents an hour… X 8 hours… every night… X2… yikes;  that’s $145.00 a month.  Hey, that’s the price of an Energy Detective!

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Ever heard of a Cave House?

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde Colorado
My fascination with cave dwellers began years ago with a visit to Mesa Verde in Colorado.  I learned that the the Anasazi Indians were some of the first people to make their homes in caves.  I filed that information away with fascination and wonder…

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BiOH – working on the footprint

I have a different idea of what ‘green’ is than most people these days. To me a smart green choice would be buying something you love, that is well made, and plan on keeping for your children to use. I prefer to pay more for a great piece of furniture than something from Ikea (or equivalent) that looks good and is inexpensive – but won’t last – even if it is made out of bamboo.
However, when it comes to soft furnishings I have a conflict. 

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Decorative recycling in Tel Aviv

Standard Recycling Collection Cage in Tel Aviv

This is a standard collection recycling bin for plastic bottles only, the big yellow bin on the right is for newspapers. 
Adorned Recycling cage

These metal cages can be seen along Ben Yehuda and Dizengoff streets here in Tel Aviv.  Some are strategically placed in front of supermarkets which make them more user friendly, which in turn creates more of an incentive to recycle.

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Save energy with new appliances

This past summer I paid a visit to my dear friend Susan in Maple Wood, New Jersey. Each time I go there we usually walk around her house to see what new things she has added since my last visit.  When I asked her what was new she said “well, nothing big but we did get a front load washer and dryer”; then we went down to the basement to check it out…

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Theme carpet and more

Happy Halloween!

How about a rug with skulls on it for Fall?  FLOR, a company that specializes in floor tiles and decorative carpets has a few really unique items.  I loved the photo above (Halloween was my favorite holiday in The States) and their website is really nice.  They may even ship outside the USA if you seriously inquire. 

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Bonsai bonanza

To elaborate on the “mini”  theme a bit further, I bring you the Bonsai.  I always liked these little trees for their beauty and their uniqueness.  I have tried to grow them in my home a few times with no luck.  After researching for this article it actually does not sound so hard…. I might just give it another try.

Bonsai Omiya Village in Japan 

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