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Add Color to the Garden

If you’re like me and your green thumb is the…

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The Great Green Outdoors

Images: Design Within Reach

Just in time for Earth Day comes the Go collection of outdoor furniture, created exclusively for Design Within Reach by eco geniuses Greg Benson and Jeff Taly at Loll Designs. Crafted from 100-percent post-consumer plastic recycled from milk jugs, Go brings the indoors out with a modern spin on the classic club chair and loveseat, as well as accessories such as the side table and coffee table/bench. Built to last, every piece is waterproof, fade resistant and maintenance free. And with 90-percent of the waste from the manufacturing process being sent to a recycling plant, the Go collection’s carbon footprint is small in size and big on style.
All seven pieces in the Go collection are available in seven colors, including black, white, British green, Chocolate, Apple, Leaf and Sky, shown here. The side chair offers plenty of space to relax, and boasts a more-upright back that most outdoor “lounge” chairs, a feature found throughout the collection. Choose from the stationary version above, or get moving with the rocking side chair.

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Product review: Recycled furniture by Loll

Red Adirondack Bench by Loll Designs
With winter on the way out, it’s time to entertain the thought of outdoor furniture.  My dream is the Adirondack chair and bench ensemble and now I have found a product that fits the bill.  Recycled outdoor furniture by Loll Designs  is absolutely fabulous and good looking too.   

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Hammocks, a unique way to hang around

A recent visit to a craft fair got me re-inspired about hammocks.  A vendor there was selling “Hammock Chairs” and of course I tried the sample and fell in love all over again.  Hammocks seem to have a super natural power that is most evident when you are swinging in them.  Hammock chairs are a way to integrate the hammock theme into half the space.  Used as an “indoor-outdoor” concept I think that this item is definately worth considering as a fun, alternative form of seating.  I know my daughter would not protest if given the choice. 
Air Chair USA

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Interior Design Magazine Review: Southern Living

I was contacted by Southern Living magazine to find out if I would like to review their magazine for Tchochkes. Well, I love Southern Living and their country cottage look – so why not?!
We agreed they would send me a magazine and then I would review.
I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally I get an email from them asking about the review. Well, I never received the magazine. Apparently someone in the Israeli Postal System decided they needed to check out Southern Living even more than I did – because it never arrived here.
So I got pdf’s instead. Which is ok, but not the same as a magazine. You can’t hold a pdf unless you print it out. And then the quality isn’t the same. It’s not bound. You can’t sit with your girlfriends on the sofa gazing at photographs and pointing out what you love and hate. In short – I want my magazine!
*Sigh* Isn’t that stunning? The picture is from “Chattanooga Bungalow” an article on southern bungalow design (and as you know – I’m a sucker for the bungalow).
Admittedly, I would have gone for a deep strawberry red door – which would also be more traditional, but it would also be kind of expected. I’m loving the orange. You know the man is single though – that carpet. I have to wonder if he rolls it up when he invites people over. Or only serves white wine?

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Gradening: Planting on a hillside

Plants_in_PotsFall gardening is something new to me.  I happened upon this popular pass-time by chance after my Mom gave me a book that she picked up at a yard sale.  “A Woman’s Hardy Garden” by Helena Rutherfurd Ely first published in 1903 and re-published in 1990, has turned my world around.
Garden Book

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Solair chair makes a comeback

Not so long ago you may have seen the Solair chair – the summer classic that decorated North American motels and patios – tossed in to the garbage. It was available in vibrant colours with a moulded plastic seat on bent removable steel legs. It was so bright, so ’70’s and so dated. That’s all changed.

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Home Tour: Ziva Hasson part 2

I mentioned on Monday that I took a lot of photos of Tel Aviv potter Ziva Hasson’s amazing apartment. As such I couldn’t stick them all in one post. Well, this is part 2 – the front and back balconies, guest bathroom, and office / guest room.
The slate gray tile of the apartment is continued straight out onto the front patio. Notice the size of the tile is quite large. Having the tile continue outside gives a flow to the apartment and turns the front patio into an outside room.

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The Gerber house – part 4 (the LAST post)

I don’t get garden-envy very often. We have a nice size backyard and while it’s not the poshest place in the world, we did it ourselves and we love it. However, this garden has some elements that I would definitely like to encorporate into my backyard.

The step in the back with the flowers is nice. I would lose the flamingo – but that’s just me. Pink flamingos remind me of a rather disgusting John Waters movie…

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The grass is always greener when it’s on the bed…

That’s one “GREEN” bed! I came across this photo on…

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