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What a cool bed!

Modern Japanese Style Bed As a former furniture store owner…

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Up to date-coupage

When I  was growing up we called this art form “Decoupage“, nur-art calls it “Collage“.  I came across this product in the window of “Cotton”, a clothing store at #189 Dizengoff street; they  were just setting up the display and for once they had the product information listed clearly in the window along with the art.

I am a firm bliever in the theory that fashion influences art and vice versa.  The display in these windows bring these pieces to life.

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Designer: Eero Koivisto

“Amazonas” nesting tables by Eero Koivisto for Offecct This post…

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Hafatzim’s new beta site is LIVE

Hafatzim is one of my favorite stores in terms of style and design in Israel.

They have been advertising ‘a new site coming soon’ for donkeys years now (where did that phrase come from anyhow?) and it’s finally arrived.

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Cool young designers: Scrapile

Every so often I take a break from what’s happening in…

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Sale at Hafatzim

I have had a love / hate relationship with Hafatzim…

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Store Review: Elemento

It’s amazing how much nicer a store owner is when…

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Online store review:

Chess is a very popular game in Israel, some schools even have “chess…

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The ugly sofa

I came across these sofas from Milano bedding that are quite…

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Product review: Haldane Martin

I love this “cafe chair” by Haldane Martin, a South African…

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