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Designer review: Lool 82

 When I first saw this photo I was thinking “Where’s Waldo?”, the children’s book where you have to find Waldo who is hiding in various settings filled with people.  In this setting I see a few “ugly dolls”, a “doggie bank” and a ” covered stool crate” which is what got me interested in the design group “lool 82” in the first place.  I say group because lool 82 is made up of four designers all doing their own things. 

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Store review: Dervish

Dervish in Tel Aviv
My first visit to Dervish was at least fifteen years ago and much to my surprise; I found that it still stands right where I left it.  This small, bazaar-like shop that was opened by two sisters in the mid 1960’s has been evolving ever since and today it is filled with ethnic delights from around the world. 

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Painted furniture for kids

How cute is this?  Generally speaking, I have a real problem when it comes to painted motifs on furniture, but I think that this line of  “Green” furniture from Lilipad Studios  is “all the rave”.  These intricately painted tables, chairs and step stools are expensive, the table & chair set costing $1,100.00 (not recession worthy) with extra chairs priced at $300.00 a piece: but from an artisans view they are magnificent and if I had a small child and a bag full of cash I would definitely be a taker.

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A little bit of British

New for 2009: Benjamin Hubert’s Diamond Chair’s

These chairs by British designer  Benjamin Hubert  , look fresh shown here in contemporary brights.  The British seem to have a design edge like no other.  That tiny island, plagued by rain and cloudy gray skies; puts out more positive design than all it’s neighbors combined.  How do they do it?!

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Big comfy couch

I came across this couch while scanning for info for…

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Furniture from home, really.

 Chinoiserie Secretary by Matrha Stewart

My practice as a Feng Shui consultant often brings me to the great challenge of “how to hide that darn T.V”.  Most people have the television openly displayed in whichever room it lives in.  Over and over, like a broken record; I recommend that the television be stored away in a decorative cabinet like the one from The martha Stewart with Bernhardt collection  shown above.

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What do to with an orange sofa?

I love Tchochkes readers. We just got a comment in an ancient post of mine “What not to do with an orange sofa” and it was too good of a question to leave in an old post:
I just ordered a sectional orange sofa that just looks like this one (it’s actually a sleeper sofa) along with brown wood coffee table from Macy’s

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Site Review: Sproost

Mandy, a regular reader, sent me a site that she thought I would like – and I liked it so much that I decided to tell all of you about it as well. Thank you Mandy!
First a warning. Sproost is a serious “time suck”. Only go if you have a few hours for your first visit. Why? Because what Sproost does is ask you a million questions about rooms. The basic question is simple enough – do you like it and how much? Choices range from Don’t Like to Love, which makes sense.
But the interesting bit comes underneath, where you have the option to choose what you love and hate about the room.

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Nice things at IKEA, but are they here yet?

IKEA Kulla Lamp

IKEA is a huge success here in Israel.  The products, sizes and the overall look is a perfect fit for the customer and the country.  I went there today to check for a few items that I have seen highlighted  in the design world; most recently the Kulla Lamp shown here was featured in The New York Times style section.  I did find the Kulla Lamp, table and floor standing; plus the hanging version shown below.  By the way, none of these items are featured in the local online catalog, I found them in the American catalogue after I saw the lamp in the Times.

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Store review: Hazan Antiques in Jaffa Souk

I’ve found, generally, that Israelis aren’t nuts about anything old. If it’s a seriously good piece that they inherited they might, MIGHT appreciate it, but I have quite a few ‘hand me downs’ from friends who wanted to get rid of their old stuff and replace it with things from Ikea (shudder).
One of my best friends came down from Rosh Hanikra this weekend and saw the amazing bookshelf he gave me back in the day when we both still lived in Tel Aviv. I painted it a mint green and he’s been regretting giving it away ever since. 
For those of you who do appreciate a nice antique – there’s Hazan in Souk Ha Pishpishim in Jaffo.

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