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CONTEST: Sterling Pear Keepsake Chest (US only – sorry)

[This contest has now ended.]
Christmas is now over and the New Year is here. It’s time to reorganize and get things sorted. To celebrate the ending of the holidays and the ending of quite frankly a rather meh year for many, we here at Tchochkes thought it would be great to begin 2010 with a stunning Sterling Pear giveaway.
One of the owners of Sterling Pear, Janet Hayden, is someone I grew up with in Huntington Beach, CA. and she’s one of the nicest, most positive women you’ll ever meet. Seriously. So nice, that she’s willing to give readers of Tchochkes a  discount of 15% off your entire order on by using the coupon code “TCHOCHKES10” at checkout by January 31, 2010 in addition to this months raffle contest.

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PILLOWfolly Pillows – now I’m giving my opinion

We at Tchochkes would like to give a special thank you to PILLOWfolly for sponsoring the Pick a Pillow contest. If you’re just visiting the site for the first time today, sorry, the contest is over – but we’ll have more in the future. (The winner will be announced in a few days.)
Here’s the dilemma – do I write this in the way I would if I wasn’t the one who approached PILLOWfolly and suggested we do this contest? In other words, do I give my opinion filled with honesty and a dash of snark? Because as you all know – there is one pillow in the group that I just don’t get.
Some of you didn’t like any of the PILLOWfolly pillows, which is fair enough. I would like to know what you do like – so for the people who disliked all of the pillows – a small request / challenge for you – comment here and give a link of a pillow that you do like. And why. I’m really interested in the why.
Ok – on to the opinions…

Folk Art Print With Stripe Flange
Folk Art Print With Stripe Flange

I’m starting off with my favorite. I love the flowers, I love the colors and I love the striped flange. I even like the word flange.  The colors also fit my house really well and my sofa is screaming for this.

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WORLDWIDE CONTEST: Pick a Pillow from PILLOWfolly

This contest ends at Midnight PST on Sunday, November 22nd. That means make your comments now or forever hold your peace.
Tchochkes has partnered with PILLOWfolly on a contest for our wonderful readers. As a way to say thank you for reading Tchochkes (and a way to show off PILLOWfolly’s incredible pillows) we are offering one lucky reader the chance to receive one of the pillow covers below.

The rules are very simple. Pick your favorite pillow and make a comment explaining why it’s your favorite. That’s it. This contest is running for one week and ends on Monday 23rd of November. Open to readers worldwide. PILLOWfolly will choose the best comment and that reader will get one of their GORGEOUS pillowcases. I only wish I could enter…

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Furniture show review: High Point

Here she is again, Hermine Mariaux, every designers best blogger…

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The London Design Festival 2009

Last month there was a very special design event in London, the London Design Festival of 2009. Although I didn’t attend (hopefully next year) I have been looking at all sorts of interesting photos on the web of some strange and wonderful furniture that was exhibited there. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.
Firstly the chair arch, built by Wallpaper magazine in association with Ercol (a company that makes handmade furniture) at the V&A garden. Apparently in Victorian Britain it was common practice for unusual arches to be constructed from local commodities in order to celebrate the local industry. The chair arch installation by Wallpaper Magazine was inspired by the first Chair Arch which was built in 1877 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s visit to High Wycombe. Here is a photo of the modern day chair arch at night (courtesy of Susan Smart Photography).
Wallpaper chair arch

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Event review: Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv

Old Train Station, Tel Aviv-Yafo
This year Tel Aviv-Yaffo is celebrating it’s 100th year centennial.  Many sites that were once old and decrepit are now polished up and ready for the celebration.  The “Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair” is one of the many events enjoying this status.  This show, housed in the old Tel Aviv-Yafo train station is stuffed with art from prominent local galleries, and a bit over-stuffed to my liking.

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Art Walk: D is for dinosaur

“Mamasaurous” Dinosaur in the Port in Tel Aviv
Fun for all in the Tel Aviv Port,  these artistically rendered Dinosaurs from Haifa are on display along the board walk.  Many take their themes from the companies that sponsored them and it is fun to try and guess their names (or name them yourselves like I did) before looking at the information plaque attached to the base of each dinosaur.  

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Centennial quilt exhibition in Tel Aviv

Migdal Shalom Gallery Quilt Show

Photo by Tammy Kochavi
My interest and love for quilts started years ago after attending a show that featured “The Quilts of Gees Bend“, quilts made by a community of poor black woman living on a unique plantation along the Alabama river.  Quilts tell stories through the materials used and the images portrayed upon them and  all you need is one good show to begin your journey along the quilters road.
The Centennial Quilt Show, at the Migdal Shalom Gallery in the Shalom Towers in Tel Aviv; is a collection of local color created by the Israel Quilters Association.  These contemporary hand made quilts are a mix of seaside scenes and objects of monumental interest commemorating life in Tel Aviv over the last 100 years.

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Art and about: Ceramics biennale in TLV

Featured Works at the Ceramics Biennale

I missed the first four Israeli Ceramics Biennials at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, but I didn’t miss the fifth.  “Clay, Sensations” the fifth annual Ceramics Biennale is a winner and for those of you interested in innovative design in clay works; this is the show for you.    

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Houses From Within – this weekend Jerusalem

Houses From Within is having an event this weekend in…

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