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Creative headboards for better and for worse

PB Teen Bedroom Set
Finding a nice headboard can be a challenging endeavor.  Many people just do without, but from a Feng Shui Practitioners point of view this is a big no no.  In Feng Shui headboards are not only decorative, they are also responsible for grounding the bed into the space.  A patterened “cut-out” headboard like the one featured above doesn’t do much in the way of grounding, but at least it offers respite from the cold, hard walls. 

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Painting kitchen cabinets

One of my favorite all time jobs was working for Benjamin Moore, a small paint company in the USA.  Paint was my “best friend” when it came to transforming a room, I painted everything from room accents to the rooms themselves.  Paint is quite an amazing thing, it can turn a “hovel” into a “Palace” with the stroke of a brush.  Take a look at this before and after that I found on the This Old House website.  I had to look a few times to convince myself that it was the same kitchen!

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Reader write in: Color questions answered

Dear Tchochkes,
     When we moved in, I was in such a rush to make our place look like home that I had all our art put up without painting over the white.  Now I am itching to paint in warmer tones, but don’t want to start having to take out all the screws etc… I also put up some really nice wall decals that I bought over the Internet and they are not reusable… I would love some help with the colors too.
                                                                                             ~ Thanks
* I wonder if it would be weird to leave the wall with the decals white?
* Can I paint over the screws in the walls?
* What colors should I paint?

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Shiputznick (Renovation) review: i feel

“i feel” living room shiputz (renovation)

I found this company “i feel” while thumbing through a current issue if Nisha, an Israeli magazine that I read from time to time.  When I first saw their work I thought of “Spice it” a company that Shira has featured on Tchochkes a few times.  Where the latter mentioned have a background of set designing from IKEA, it looks like this guy from “i feel” is on his own.  He does an “OK” job at reinventing the space, but it is pretty ‘low end” and does not give much to aspire to.

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Paint makeover

Paint is an inexpensive way to update and freshen up all things big and small.  Walls, furniture, frames and anything and everything that paint will stick to can benefit from this product.

A multi colored dresser is a good example of this process.  Instead of all black, the colorful twist adds life to this mostly white interior.  I can see transforming many a flea market find with this simple technique.

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Big comfy couch

I came across this couch while scanning for info for…

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Tchochkes holiday craft: Needlepoint dreidel

Ella’s Dreidel Collection

Hanukkah is my favorite holiday, celebrating the blessing of light.  Gathering with friends for potato pancakes, lighting the hanukkiah and spinning the dreidel
*Sivivon is the hebrew word for “dreidel” which comes from the word lesovev “to spin”

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One mans craft is another mans decorating solution…

Iron Bannister Cutout

The art of cutting paper has been around for many centuries in places like China, Mexico, Poland and Japan.  In Mexico decorative cut out flags grace festivities and special occasions adding color and party punch.  I spied the decorative city scape above at the entrance to the Embarcadero underground in San Francisco, California.  I just love the idea of taking an art usually reserved for paper and crafting it in a durable material like the metal cutouts shown here.  This Bannister was inspired by the  art of Mexican Paper Picado and is a reflection of  the areas ethnic background. 

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Book report: Flanagan’s Smart Home

Flanagan’s Smart Home Writer and designer Barbara Flanagan has a soup…

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Creative throws

Now that winter is “instantly” here, it’s a good time for some at home activities.  I was browsing the net for new ideas for crocheting and I came across this fabulous site.  Lion Brand  has so many patterns to aspire to.  I found many beautiful afghans that you can make yourself and get this, the patterns are FREE if you join their data base… you don’t even have to buy anything!
Circle Throw

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