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Creative headboards for better and for worse

PB Teen Bedroom Set
Finding a nice headboard can be a challenging endeavor.  Many people just do without, but from a Feng Shui Practitioners point of view this is a big no no.  In Feng Shui headboards are not only decorative, they are also responsible for grounding the bed into the space.  A patterened “cut-out” headboard like the one featured above doesn’t do much in the way of grounding, but at least it offers respite from the cold, hard walls. 

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Dupen – largest collection of metal beds I’ve seen in Israel

I don’t read Hebrew very well, so it’s not surprising that I don’t get any Israeli interior design magazines (especially since most of their articles are just translations of articles from outside Israel – what’s that about anyway? There’s plenty to write about at home!)
I do, however, love looking at the advertisements in Israeli home magazines on the rare occasion I come across one – and sure enough, this week at the library with The Boys I got a whole list of new URLs to check out. (Now if I only had the sense to write down the name of the magazine I was looking at, oh well.) Dupen is the first URL from that list.
I don’t know where the company originates – but there’s no way it’s Israeli – every bed on the site is “dressed”.

I love the shape of the bed above, but I don’t like the actual construction of it.

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What a cool bed!

Modern Japanese Style Bed As a former furniture store owner…

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The Gerber house – part 4 (the LAST post)

I don’t get garden-envy very often. We have a nice size backyard and while it’s not the poshest place in the world, we did it ourselves and we love it. However, this garden has some elements that I would definitely like to encorporate into my backyard.

The step in the back with the flowers is nice. I would lose the flamingo – but that’s just me. Pink flamingos remind me of a rather disgusting John Waters movie…

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Summer beds

‘Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take…

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Just because you worked at IKEA in display

Doesn’t mean you can set up your own interior design…

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White Webb in Kips Bay

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering when I’m going…

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Rehut Marom

What are those two semi-posts at the top of the…

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More Kips Bay 2008 comments

I know I have been neglecting the blog lately. I…

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Atonement’s influence on design

In 1985 Out of Africa inspired Ralph Lauren to create…

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