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Outdated bathroom tiles, not anymore…

Wow there are some really ugly, old bathroom tiles out there; I am sure that you’ve seen a few…
Here’s an old bathroom that is in pretty good shape.  The only problem is that these brownish tiles are dark and don’t do much to add to this small space.   The apartment is a rental and the owner did not want to do an expensive renovation, so she put on her thinking cap and came up with a pretty good economical solution. 

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Store review: Halamish

Halamish is a bathroom / kitchen fixture and furnishings shop located in Bnei Brak (don’t ask me where in Bnei Brak – haven’t a clue, but the address is on the bottom of their website.) For a store located in such a – ok, there’s no polite way of saying this, but Bnei Brak isn’t known for high end, unless it’s high end black-hat gear – this store has some seriously amazing stuff. Ignoring the awful twigs in a vase (why oh why do stylists insist on that?!) the bathroom below is interesting, simple, and perfect for Israel’s lack of space. 

The amount of products they have is impressive as well. I browsed their site for over an hour, thinking about all of the things I would love to do if I could fit another bathroom in this place…

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La Chanh Nguyen – Industrial designer extraordinaire

Remember the Chia Pet? When I was a kid there were these commercials advertising for the Chia Pet everywhere. I have no idea where you could buy one, and I didn’t really want one – they were the essence of kitsch boiled down into a fine perfume – but no one could argue how divine the Chia Pet was.
But the Chia Pet was not really useful. I suppose you could call it a decorative item, but it was more of a gag gift than anything else. La Chanh Nguyen, an industrial design student from Switzerland has taken the concept of the Chia Pet and elevated it to a much higher status. This growing vase, otherwise known as the kitchen garden, is something I wouldn’t mind having in my kitchen.

What brought my attention to Nguyen was the Moss Carpet which has been featured on design blogs everywhere. It’s probably one of the smartest bathroom design ideas I’ve seen in years.

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The bathroom and beyond

Amavi is one of my favorite shopping resources for everything having to do with the bathroom.  I can usually find everything I need in this store which is located on the lower level in the Dizengoff Center here in Tel Aviv. 

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The Gerber house – part 4 (the LAST post)

I don’t get garden-envy very often. We have a nice size backyard and while it’s not the poshest place in the world, we did it ourselves and we love it. However, this garden has some elements that I would definitely like to encorporate into my backyard.

The step in the back with the flowers is nice. I would lose the flamingo – but that’s just me. Pink flamingos remind me of a rather disgusting John Waters movie…

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The Gerber house – part 3

Before I start on this post I have to rave about a tomato risotto with saffron I just made. (not kosher – sorry.) We have basil and cherry tomatoes growing in our backyard and I made chicken soup earlier this week (so I had fresh broth). OMG – yum. I just made 2 adjustments, I added 1/4 cup white wine in the beginning instead of the vermouth at the end (because I don’t have vermouth, I’m not even sure what that is) and I added celery with the onion because I had extra from making the soup. Seriously yummy. 
Speaking of cooking, the Gerbers had the most amazing kitchen! I’m loving the painted table with the Hafatzim chairs. I’m thinking I need that look (when I finally have a big enough space for a table like that…) Did I mention how much I love those chairs?

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My house


This is my kitchen counter. No, it’s not meant to be an advertisement for Palmolive (but if they wanted to be an advertiser on the site I wouldn’t say no). It’s an example. An example of how little things can make a difference.

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Great bathroom – too bad about that light

I’m ignoring the awful interior design faux pas favorite of…

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Glass shower doors

‘Does Israel have glass doors for baths?‘ When you’ve been…

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Handmade art stone anyone?

Ignoring the interesting Israeli-English, Pnina Maron from P.M. Studio has…

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