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Katamon – the Houses From Within event in Jerusalem

The day was a crazy one. There were so many homes I wanted to see in such a short amount of time, and some just didn’t happen. One place in Ein Kerem had a line so long we decided to leave and not wait, the next place closed because too many people showed up and the owners got freaked out, and the third place we simply couldn’t find on time. But there was a huge silver lining, one family opened their house even though they weren’t on the list, one of the homes we saw had me simply gobsmacked, and another home had such lovely owners we just wanted to stay and hang out for the rest of the day – I’m starting with that house. You’ll see the shockingly lovely one later this week. 

Here’s a great solution for all those old teapots…

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Designer: Eero Koivisto

“Amazonas” nesting tables by Eero Koivisto for Offecct This post…

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Maccabre paper

Sometimes you come across a piece of art which just captures your eye. It’s so simple, and yet, disturbing. Looking at Peter Callesen’s art makes you think. Like the paper cut out below, it’s simple enough that I might be able to reproduce it – but my thing is – how did he even think of this in the first place?!
I found him from a post on the Madeit blog, which is this fabulous Australian blog that promotes handmade goods.

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Arabic Design

I love Arabic architecture – the geometry, the symmetry and the color. I was looking at Patti’s post on the building in Yaffo (Jaffa) and started thinking about the first flat my husband and I lived in in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv. It was an old building and the floor of the apartment was a painted geometric design so popular back in the day in Israel. As soon as I saw the floor, and the 4 meter high ceilings, I had to have the apartment.
This is what led me to Googling ‘arabic architecture’ which is how I fell into Broug Ataliers for Islamic Art & Architecture. Yes, the name is far too long, and the site design leaves a lot to be desired – but look at the glorious patterns!

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Ceramic Designer: Einat Cohen

From the Judean Hills Einat Cohen brings us nature inspired ceramic objects that are sculptural and functional.

I first saw her work in the Eretz Israel Museum gift shop.  I loved the delicacy of the material, a quality that is achievable with a skilled and steady hand.  Einat molds her work from a material known as “porcelain paper clay and slip”, allowing her to mimic objects such as the seashell shapes shown above.

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The love of your children in art

I  am your stereotypical ‘Jewish Mother’ – My Boys are…

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Designer review: Sofi Bar-Adon

Israeli product designer Sofi bar-Adon  has a small line of interesting items.  Her…

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Home tour 2: The details

Once upon a time every home in Israel had terrazzo…

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Artist review: Hagit Dvir

Sometimes a room needs a touch of nostalgia … These delicate…

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A touch of art…

I can’t believe that this duck has been sitting on…

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