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Product Designer Martin Sammer

Sometimes you have to wonder just where people get their ideas from. This, actually what would you call it? Chest of drawers? Sliding thingy? Martin Sammer, the designer, calls it “Transformer Shelf“, but I have a problem with that. It’s not a shelf.

I want to claim responsibility for finding this cool thing – but I can’t. Someone I twitter with posted this. I did, however, take it one step further and went to Martin’s site to see more of his work…

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Innovative lighting: Ayala Serfaty

Aqua Creations, the brain child of Israeli designer Ayala Serfaty is a unique combination of beauty, functionality and art.  Her work, which is heavily inspired by organic forms found in nature and undersea themes; is reflective of well known glass artist Dale Chihuly
Ayala Serfaty’s silk collection is one of her most marketable lines, here she shapes the fabric to create these sculptural floor lamps.
“Morning Glory”

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Iron Work in the Negev

Carmey Avdat Farm near Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev is frequently visited for its vineyards, winery and guest lodging.  This farm, a realized dream of Hannah and Eyal Izrael; is not only a retreat but an artists workshop.  On the premises there is a metal shop where all of the iron work gracing the guest houses is made.  Inspired by the landscape, Eyal crafts decorative household items out of scrap iron and local stone. 

Here is a unique bow shaped wine rack, his collection also includes a selection of more traditional styles.

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Mosaic artist: Aviva Beigel

Circle Mosaic with people

Like Shira, I too used to make mosaics; so this is one form of art that I can really appreciate.  Not only is it difficult to find interesting colorful tiles or better yet make them yourself, the whole process is a heartfelt exercise.

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Artist review: Nitzan Gilad

Pottery in Nachalat Benyamin

The colorful engraved pottery of Nitzan Gilad has been one of my small pleasures here in Tel Aviv. Not only are these items well made and nicely designed, they are also functional and well priced; a soap dish goes for 40 NIS and larger items start at 70 NIS. 
*As a matter of fact, I have one of her soap dishes and a toothbrush holder in my own bathroom.

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Beautiful ceramics worth a mention

Back in July, Kathy Penn (a regular reader) wrote to me about her friends ceramics. The email has been sitting in the inbox in the back of my mind since and there it stayed, until now. I’m a HUGE handmade ceramics fan and Israel has so many people talented in this arena, I have plenty to fuel my addiction. 
Anat Evyatar is one of the many who does work I really like. The photos of her work shown here were taken in the co-op store, Chomer Tov. She has a studio in Kerem Maharal where you can see her work, and now she has also opened pottery classes for small groups (3 people I think) for those in the area that are interested.

What an absolutely gorgeous color. 

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Up to date-coupage

When I  was growing up we called this art form “Decoupage“, nur-art calls it “Collage“.  I came across this product in the window of “Cotton”, a clothing store at #189 Dizengoff street; they  were just setting up the display and for once they had the product information listed clearly in the window along with the art.

I am a firm bliever in the theory that fashion influences art and vice versa.  The display in these windows bring these pieces to life.

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Art walk: Fun fish

fun fish sculptures in Cesaria.
  It seems that animals, think cows on parade, pigs and more; and now amphibians make for good self expression. I discovered this display while on my way to photograph the home tour featured below. Just for the fun of it,  A group of Cesarians teamed up with local artist and came up with these whimsical swimmers.

Submarine fish

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Around the outside: landscape architecture

A landscape architect’s floor plan

I recently met a landscape architect and to be honest, I didn’t really know what this profession entailed.  After doing some research, I now have great respect for this work; it not only beautifies the land but also pinpoints environmental concerns and in many cases is influenced by art and design. Below is a clear example of what landscape architecture can do.

This rocky, muddy mess was transformed into a paradise.

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Cool new store: Katalog

Design & Art Stage

Art space meets innovation and wonder, that’s what I left with after visiting Katalog; a new store at 20 Alfasi street in Tel Aviv.  Owner & creative director Roni Laufer has done a magnificent job of combining established designers and new artists work.  Housed in a well light, under-consructed warehouse atmosphere; the works on display take on a life of their own.

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