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The London Design Festival 2009

Last month there was a very special design event in London, the London Design Festival of 2009. Although I didn’t attend (hopefully next year) I have been looking at all sorts of interesting photos on the web of some strange and wonderful furniture that was exhibited there. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.
Firstly the chair arch, built by Wallpaper magazine in association with Ercol (a company that makes handmade furniture) at the V&A garden. Apparently in Victorian Britain it was common practice for unusual arches to be constructed from local commodities in order to celebrate the local industry. The chair arch installation by Wallpaper Magazine was inspired by the first Chair Arch which was built in 1877 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s visit to High Wycombe. Here is a photo of the modern day chair arch at night (courtesy of Susan Smart Photography).
Wallpaper chair arch

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Mall Art!

I spent this past weekend in Dallas, a trip I took for the sole purpose of going to the new (and incredibly insane) Cowboy Stadium for the inaugural Southwest Classic on Saturday, featuring our Arkansas Razorbacks against those awful Texas A&M Aggies. However, I took the first flight out of Little Rock Friday morning for the sole purpose of having plenty of time to spend at NorthPark Center, Dallas’ freakishly awesome shopping mecca. After undergoing a three-year expansion and renovation, this is not the NorthPark I last visited some 12 years ago.
From the very beginning in 1965, NorthPark has always been filled with a world-class rotating collection of paintings and sculpture, and has been recognized in the past for its commitment to art and architecture. Displayed throughout the shopping center, among every store from Barneys, Michael Kors and Cartier to Urban Outfitters, Apple and The Gap, is a spectacular collection of modern works for everyone to enjoy. I love public art!
But at almost 2.5 million square feet, I failed to cover NorthPark Center in its entirety, but below are some of my favorites of what I did get to see.

20 Elements by New York artist Joel Shapiro. Wood and casein paint.

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Shopping review: Califa, Ramat Ha Sharon

I’ve got eyes in Israel…
My friend Tammy from T in Tel Aviv gave me a heads up about this artist and collector that operates out of Ramat Ha Sharon under the name of Califa.  Known for the arts and creative types, Ramat Ha Sharon, just outside of Tel Aviv in Israel is one of my favorite places to seek out the unique.

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Closet art, literally

Moving can be exciting, exhausting and an opening for spectacular creations like these life size paintings that my daughter did on her closets in her room in our new “old” house.
She wanted something special in her new room, something that would make it stand apart from other 12 year olds rooms.  The amazing artist that she is, she did these on her own in one evening.  If she can do it, so can you!
Closet Girl One

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Office tour: 4 Architects in Jaffa

Since you may well have noticed, Jaffa is one of my favorite places for architectural/designer findings.
At 19 Ben Dosa street you will find 4 architects sharing a really great workspace. Dan Troim (whose apartment I posted about a few weeks ago), Yaal Zuaretz, Yoav Molho and Shelly Guggenheim share this wonderful work space. There are many great things about this space and one of them is that they moved in and didn’t redo everything. They used a lot of the existing walls, floors, gallery and even the ceiling and added some of their own elements to it.
Modern Office space with gallery
Great thing #2 about this space is the high ceiling, and the ceiling itself. It’s made of OSB which creates this warm, cosy wooden cabin feeling despite the height. I love the row of naked light bulbs.

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Store Review: Villa Maroc in Yehuda Halevi Street

For all you people who love Moroccan design, hurry over – there’s a summer sale at Villa Maroc on Yehuda Halevi Street in Tel Aviv! (Warning: not for those who fear bright colors).
Villa Maroc window display

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Home tour: Michael and Nava Abel’s colorful gallery – Part 2

On Monday we went through Part 1 of Nava and Michael Abel’s colorful home.  Today we are going upstairs and seeing the rest of the house.
The stairs are industrial metal stairs that make a fantastic clomping noise when you step on them – which is perfect if you’re in the living room and listening out for small children going somewhere they aren’t allowed…

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Ceramicist: Marcelle Klein

“Many of my works begin as vessels, as works that wrap space in clay.
The thin layer of clay contains the interior space and at the same
time defines the outside. It creates a space that is suspended between
containment and emptiness”.

Marcelle Klein

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Home Tour: Michael and Nava Abel’s living gallery – part 1

If the last name sounds familiar, it should. It’s my maiden name.
Michael is my much older brother and lives on the street behind me with his wife, Nava, and three kids. He designed and built this house and Nava painted it – literally.
This is from their front door – that’s Pebbles, the second-best dog in the world (the first being my Banna). The floor is cement. Nava painted the pattern and then they added several layers of lacquer with hardener over it to seal the pattern from damage. As you can see, they love color. There isn’t a single white wall in the house. Not even a white ceiling.

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Home tour: Ruthie and Ze’ev’s eclectic palace – Part 1

Thank goodness I live in a great neighborhood. I was supposed to take pictures of my brothers house for today’s post but it turns out that the house is filled with ticks from their dog (who is now asleep on my floor…) and it’s currently getting fumigated, so I was stuck without a Monday Home Tour! Out came the phone book and called my neighbor Ze’ev, an architect married to an amazing jewelry artist – Ruthie. I said “Ze’ev, I need your help,” and he replied “Do you want me to pick up your kids?”
Um, no. I need to take pictures of your amazing house.
They built their home about 10 years ago now, taking things, like the doors above, from old homes Ze’ev has renovated (in Israel they don’t have architectural scrap yards for some reason – they just throw everything away) and incorporating Ruthie’s pottery.

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