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Look up: Boskke Sky Planter

Adding to my post  from last week, here is another innovative way to bring plants into the home. The Boskke Sky Planter has them hanging upside down.  Boasting to “Transform your view of nature and save floor space” designer Patrick Morris  has created the eighth world wonder.

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A Splash of China in Tel Aviv

We encounter a lot of things that are made in China these days, but in this store you’ll find things that are really Chinese. There’s something to be said for Chinese decor. It’s kitsch, yes, and I really love it. It’s always colorful and somewhat dainty.
There’s a store near Nahalat Binyamin, in an alley that connects between Nahalat Binyamin and the Carmel market where you will find this store… which has no name at the moment. It’s the China store.
I loved the teapots! I can’t choose which one I’d like to have most.

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Road trip: Designer home furnishings in store now

Towel groupings like the ones shown here from Lacoste are a great way to view the latest color stories in designer collections.  A visit to Macy’s proved lucrative as a quick overview into some of the collections of top names in home furnishings out today.  Unfortunately, I went on the famous “Macy’s One Day Sale” day and the displays looked like a bomb hit them, but my expert photo cropping got rid of some of that mess.  I was able to take a few good shots of the bedding displays and you can get an idea of what’s happening with color in store now.   

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Store Review: Blue Bandana

Blue Bandana is one of the most beautifully designed stores I have ever seen. It’s clean, fresh and so inviting. The store was opened about 19 years ago by Betty Gehorsam  (On my cellphone – Betty Blue Bandana) and Limor Gorali, two mothers who met because their kids were in the same class.
The two ladies go on shopping trips a few times a year to Europe and India (green with envy here) and have the following policy : “If we wouldn’t put it in our homes, we won’t sell it in our store”. You can definitely feel that, despite the cold metal shelving, the products and atmosphere in the store are very homely. Unlike some stores that sell fashionable items, this store sells products that exude warmth and a cozy atmosphere.

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And the Winner is…

French Country Pair of Pillows
French Country Pair of Pillows

From the lovely people at PILLOWfolly:

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White Space: Must-Have Place Settings

Crate and Barrel's Essential collection

While I’ll be setting my table tomorrow in shamrock and plum Fiestaware, I’ll undoubtedly be mixing in the odds and ends of a mismatched collection of white dinnerware. Years ago I assembled a small kit of various white pieces for food styling, but never went ahead and completed a full set. Which I admit was foolish of me, by the way. So although I’d love to have a few pieces of the turquoise Fiestaware, I’m committed to finding a complete collection of white place settings and serving pieces. (And would be delighted to find any of these under the tree this year!)
Even if you think a totally white table is incredibly boring, a versatile set of white plates and bowls (Like Crate & Barrel’s Essential coupe collection, above) is not only good for everyday use, but also the ideal foundation for creating a remarkable tablescape, whether you choose to mix and match colors, textures, styles or a little bit of everything.

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Eco-friendly Wonder Thunder products, these kids are alright

I happened upon this cool, colorful and kitch duo a while back and just now got to writing them up.  Specializing in two color prints in simple but creative patterns, Wonder Thunder  has a nice product line that makes you chuckle.
Kitchen towels are not dull in fuchsia and white.  Most of their prints are done up in standard printing colors right off of the printing block.

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PILLOWfolly Pillows – now I’m giving my opinion

We at Tchochkes would like to give a special thank you to PILLOWfolly for sponsoring the Pick a Pillow contest. If you’re just visiting the site for the first time today, sorry, the contest is over – but we’ll have more in the future. (The winner will be announced in a few days.)
Here’s the dilemma – do I write this in the way I would if I wasn’t the one who approached PILLOWfolly and suggested we do this contest? In other words, do I give my opinion filled with honesty and a dash of snark? Because as you all know – there is one pillow in the group that I just don’t get.
Some of you didn’t like any of the PILLOWfolly pillows, which is fair enough. I would like to know what you do like – so for the people who disliked all of the pillows – a small request / challenge for you – comment here and give a link of a pillow that you do like. And why. I’m really interested in the why.
Ok – on to the opinions…

Folk Art Print With Stripe Flange
Folk Art Print With Stripe Flange

I’m starting off with my favorite. I love the flowers, I love the colors and I love the striped flange. I even like the word flange.  The colors also fit my house really well and my sofa is screaming for this.

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Store Review: Green Secret – The Winter Collection

In July I wrote about Sod Yarok (Green Secret), an inspiring florist store in Givatayim that creates the most amazing flower arrangements and also has great vases and some beautiful furniture too. I walked past there the other day and noticed that almost everything had changed, so I thought you may appreciate an update. I don’t know much about flowers but these are Chrysanthemums, which are about as difficult to spell as they are to pronounce. They were in simple white baskets which was lovely!

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Like Clockwork


Despite the fact that I am rarely on time no matter how hard I try, I absolutely love clocks. But more in that decorative accessories manner rather than using them for things like not being late. Therefore, here are 12 fabulous clocks, beginning with The Clock Against Which All Other Clocks Shall Be Measured, George Nelson’s iconic multi-colored ball clock. First introduced in 1948, Vitra’s reissue maintains Nelson’s exact design in all of its metal and wood simplicity, and is a must for any mid-century modern collector.

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