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Soft furnishings by Ochre

I like sharing well thought out websites when I come across them, Ochre is one of these finds.  As you can see from the photo above this company makes gorgeous pillows in soft, do-able colors.  I found only a few other photos that I could grab for this post but the site is well worth looking at.

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Amish heating solutions

The Amish community is a quiet breed located in various states throughout the USA but this winter they are making some noise by marketing a heating device that has everyone buzzing.  The Amish Stove is all the rage and comes in many styles.  Most talked about as a secondary heating source and a decorative addition to home spaces that need that extra push of hot air when the north wind blows. 
Amish Stove With White Mantel

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Product Review: Sterling Pear Keepsake Ornament Chest

To the winner of the Sterling Pear keepsake ornament chest contest, prepare to be amazed. Being the only Christmas tree-having writer here at Tchochkes, I was lucky enough for Sterling Pear to send me my very own storage chest to review (thank you, thank you, thank you!). I was so excited to get the email from Shira telling me the chest was on its way, because literally the day before I spent an inordinate amount of time standing in a store convincing my husband that we should wait to purchase a new ridiculous plastic ornament container to replace the equally ridiculous one we have. The current one is an oversized nightmare, with cardboard dividers and a lid whose snapping handles have seen better days (and had to be Duct taped closed last year).

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If in doubt, swap it out

A challenging economy routinely brings creativity to the forefront, new ideas on how to save money are popping up everywhere.  Home themed swap parties are a smart way to purge the old and welcome the new without spending a dime.  I recently got my feet wet hosting a cookie swap over the holidays and now I am considering a home themed swap. 

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Store Review: Sue Fisher King in San Francisco

I had heard so many wonderful things about Sue Fisher King from my friends in SF that I had very high expectations when I went to go check out the store. The store didn’t disappoint.
What an eye. So many wonderful accessories for the home in one place.

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Reader write in: Using the 60-30-10% decorating rule

Many readers have come back to ask questions about the 60-30-10% rule for decorating a room.  If you are curious as to what this is you can read my earlier post  on the subject.  The following  readers cry for help could not be ignored. 
  I found this duvet by Ralph Lauren (Millbrook in case you wanted to take a peek) and have decided to use this as the headboard fabric instead.  It has navy blue as a base color with red, hunter green and yellow/gold as accents; the print is kind of paisley.  The room walls and carpet are still tan. I also have a wooden futon that I am using.  So, I was thinking of using the blue as my 30% and red as my 10%.  But here’s where I’m getting stuck: my furniture (side tables, dresser) are white and the desk and futon are cherry wood.  I was thinking of painting a blue trim around the drawers of the dresser and a painting a navy stencil on the side tables also. My futon covering is also going to be navy blue.  The white and cherry furniture is throwing me off; would these colors count for the 60-30-10 rule?  I am also trying to keep the room as light as possible because the room is tan and the fabric is dark.  I am having trouble with picking curtain colors, a rug color, and trims for picture frames and mirrors.  Hope you can help with this ordeal… my head is about to explode. 
Thanks so much Patti. 
Millbrook Duvet by Ralph Lauren

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A Very Pantone Christmas

The best gifts, no matter the occasion, are the ones…

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Design supermarket, Milan

Italy is cutting edge when it comes to cool, new, inventive things and here is one great idea the “Design Supermarket”  in Milan.  It’s white, it’s bright and it looks super chic and oh so designer.

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Color Tip of the Week: Tonal combos inspired by the full spectrum

Click here  for the full spectrum.
This post was inspired by a promotional that I saw offered through Social Designer, a site that is partnering with Martha Stewart to offer a set of colored pencils when you sign up for the program which lasts 20 months and boasts the full spectrum of 500 pencils when completed.  Pencil-of-the-month club will get you started for $33.00 for the first 25 pencils and then month-by-month to work your way up to the full spectrum.
I love the idea of owning colored pencils  in every color of the rainbow.  It’s a mini color wheel in a usable form.  I just may join this club…

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My Favorite Ornaments

Christmas is only a couple of days away, and like most people I’m frantically trying to get everything wrapped up, both literally and figuratively. One thing I didn’t get to this year was the full-on holiday decor explosion that typically happens: the little purple tinsel tree on the dining room table, the bright mod glass garland dressing up the boring old chandelier, and a second smaller fake tree decorated with every keepsake ornament from my husband’s childhood. But we did, of course, get the tall and awesome-smelling Fraser fir, and it’s taken over half the living room with all its shiny glorious-ness:


My favorite thing about our tree is that it’s a hodge-podge of different ornaments, and isn’t at all matchy matchy. I love the keepsake tree (although it’s in the attic this year), and have designs on another themed one, but I’ll always have a unique scrapbook-like tree. And with that, here are some of my favorite ornaments.


Purple has been a constant with the tree, and my favorite is this big blown-glass teardrop. It’s one of a pair I found six or seven years ago on a New Year’s trip to Eureka Springs (a cute little Ozark town three or so hours north of Little Rock), and frankly I’m amazed I haven’t broken either of them. But I love the rich color and the way the lights hit the glass.

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