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Jonathan Adler’s Stylish Stationery

Jonathan Adler Stationery
My love of Jonathan Adler is hardly a well-kept secret, so it should come as no surprise that I’m absolutely head-over-heels for his new stationery line. Released a couple of weeks ago, the collection includes cards, journals, sticky notes, file folders (!), pens and more, and everything is priced for stocking up. And with such a variety of colors and patterns, these paper goods will make you happy to take notes or write a little letter.

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Color Tip of the Week: A warm home

A house can be made a home by adding colors from the warm side of the color chart.  Yellows, reds, and oranges all reside in this category.  If you are not fond of the idea of painting an entire wall in one of these vibrant tones then accessories can do the job just as well.  Adding a red pillow or two to a green room can pump up  the rooms volume in a heart beat.  How about re-upholstering a chair in an orange velvet for some zing? 

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The Objects of Designers

A couple of weeks ago I was at the opening exhibition of the Design Museum Holon titled: The State of Things – Design and the 21st Century. An international exhibit that featured current objects and the practice, consumption and cultural impact of contemporary design. They were grouped into various categories. Factors that shaped the selection process were: the materials used, the concepts conveyed and the intended uses.
There were eight categories in the exhibit. But I’ll touch on the things that caught my eye. The object above is a Water clock by Kouichi Okamoto.
Now what time would you say it is?

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Collecting canisters

Canisters from Great Bay
Canisters are one of those items that make collecting fun and challenging.  Many times sets are made to be broken, as is the case with this decorative and useful item.  Usually found in sets of three, these containers are little stories in themselves.  But because of their nature as separate items with detachable lids quite often canisters sets do not survive the test of time.  The canister itself can be found in interesting shapes and sizes while the subject depicted on the exterior creates another dimension where stories can be told. 

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Stylin’ in the Rain

jonathan adler barnes and noble umbrella
Spring in Arkansas means lots of rain and generally crazy weather. so you’ll understand the disdain I felt last week when I opened up my umbrella one rainy evening last week only to discover that one of my sweet, precious doggies had made a chew toy out of a small portion of it. It being the super-cute Jonathan Adler “Words” umbrella (above) from the collection he did for Barnes & Noble. And while it’s still mostly functional, I have to replace it. Umbrellas are one of those fun little necessities that just begs for a bit of personality, right? Here are few cool ones I’ve found so far…

kate spade signature stripe umbrellaKate Spade’s signature stripe umbrella with bright turquoise handle—could anything be more cheerful on a gloomy, rainy day?

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Eco friendly bath products

Organic Bath Towels by Pottery Barn
I came across some new products from Pottery Barn  that boast an Eco friendly edge, it really got me thinking…
Towels, sheets and the like are some of the most chemical filled home furnishings around. Manufactures use surface finishes and scent to sell these goods.  The idea of purchasing organic bath products really struck a cord in me. Why expose yourself to harsh chemicals, especially during sleep.  I did a little research and this is what I found.

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Designer review: Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley, a designer known for her whimsical, colorful prints  now offers a small line of outdoor rugs.  I love the prints in her collection.  Mostly popular for her series of hand bags and accessories, Vera Bradley has made a mark as a kitsch new design concept. 

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The Organized Home

Although I’m somewhere in between being a neat freak and a pack rat when it comes to my workspace, I loved Tammy’s post on the subject the other day. At work, when I’m buried under 10 different projects and suddenly I can’t find anything for all of the files and paperwork spread around me, I have to take some time, get everything in order and restart.
At home, my office is a literal dumping ground for everything, like the four bottles of nail polish I rounded up while cleaning off my desk today (seriously).  But I have a system here too, from the rolling shelves packed with art supplies to the storage shelves with colored bins, and I know where everything is located. Also? There’s still plenty of floor space for the dog to stretch out while I’m in here, so everyone’s happy.
But one of my favorite organizing systems is the one I use for everything house related. When we bought our home in the summer of 2006, we knew there would lots of painting, fixing, buying and planning, and I wanted a place to keep everything organized amid the chaos that is first-time home buying. The system? A colorful, well-put-together binder set from Russell+Hazel.
russell + hazel binder set

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Zesty! The Marvelous Microplane

microplane zester/grater
Microplane Classic Premium Zester/Grater

I have to admit that on Monday I wasn’t certain what I would write about today. It’s been one of those weeks, right? But Tuesday morning I was putting together a crock pot dish before work, and when I started grating the ginger it dawned on me—Microplane’s excellent (and sharp!) kitchen tools. I have the zester/grater pictured above (in red), and a spice grater sans handle, both of which I use on a fairly regular basis.

Aside from being well made, extremely sharp and impossibly sturdy (I’ve had mine for five or six years), I love that they’re made right here in Arkansas, about an hour or so north of Little Rock. Located in Russellville (aka RussVegas), Microplane started out innocently enough as a woodworking tool, created by brothers Jeff and Richard Grace, whose company manufactured parts for the printing industry. But it was a Canadian woman more than 1,400 miles away who helped bring Microplane into our kitchens.

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ksut – chic coverups

Photo courtesy of designer

My friend suggested I go visit KSUT in Carmei Yosef, 35km (22mi) south-east of Tel-Aviv – a beautiful spot in the Judean foothills.  She thought I’d love the textile studio. And she was right.
Edit Kaplan Friedberg is unique among many designers and people. She is charming, amicable and modest. However her creations are outstanding. Fabric sculpture that you can wear if you are brave enough, if not display it in your home.

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