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Online store review: Bluedango

Bluedango is an online store with a mission a lot like EthnicWare Ltd. – only on a more global scale. This is a store with a mission – to help save impovershed nations by giving the women and men artisan work. It’s a good mission, a win-win. 

The woven pots above are for holding fresh herbs. Store your nana (mint) in there instead of a newspaper to keep it fresh. It’s much prettier.

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The Gerber house – part 4 (the LAST post)

I don’t get garden-envy very often. We have a nice size backyard and while it’s not the poshest place in the world, we did it ourselves and we love it. However, this garden has some elements that I would definitely like to encorporate into my backyard.

The step in the back with the flowers is nice. I would lose the flamingo – but that’s just me. Pink flamingos remind me of a rather disgusting John Waters movie…

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Jerusalem Houses From Within – the yummy house, part 1

When I was a child my father used to tell me, ‘it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor one.’ Now, I’m not saying I’m poor – because I’m not – but I don’t live like this either (yet), and I want to. I repeated my fathers adage jokingly to my husband while walking wide-eyed through the master bath.
When we walked into the master bedroom my husband turned to me and said, ‘I should have listened to your father as well.’
We really liked this house.

Not surprisingly, I took a serious amount of pictures (58 to be exact), so this may end up being 2 posts.

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Arabic Design

I love Arabic architecture – the geometry, the symmetry and the color. I was looking at Patti’s post on the building in Yaffo (Jaffa) and started thinking about the first flat my husband and I lived in in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv. It was an old building and the floor of the apartment was a painted geometric design so popular back in the day in Israel. As soon as I saw the floor, and the 4 meter high ceilings, I had to have the apartment.
This is what led me to Googling ‘arabic architecture’ which is how I fell into Broug Ataliers for Islamic Art & Architecture. Yes, the name is far too long, and the site design leaves a lot to be desired – but look at the glorious patterns!

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Ceramic Designer: Einat Cohen

From the Judean Hills Einat Cohen brings us nature inspired ceramic objects that are sculptural and functional.

I first saw her work in the Eretz Israel Museum gift shop.  I loved the delicacy of the material, a quality that is achievable with a skilled and steady hand.  Einat molds her work from a material known as “porcelain paper clay and slip”, allowing her to mimic objects such as the seashell shapes shown above.

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Hafatzim’s new beta site is LIVE

Hafatzim is one of my favorite stores in terms of style and design in Israel.

They have been advertising ‘a new site coming soon’ for donkeys years now (where did that phrase come from anyhow?) and it’s finally arrived.

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Store / Restaurant review: Pua

There’s a part of Jaffa souk that feels more like a neighborhood. You can see that the shop owners are all friends and that the clientelle feels more like this is their second home. Pua is in the center of that warm ‘family’ district.

Pua is actually a restaurant – a restaurant where everything you see is also for sale.

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Store Review: Metanya

Metanya, in the heart of Jaffa souk, is one of those places where you step in and feel instantly at home. The guy working there was so nice and personable (and we of course forgot to take his name) that you could imagine going there just to hang out with him a bit. On top of all that, the store is a feast for the eyes.

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Bodum’s great glassware

Bodum, known for their clear, well made glassware has brought us one of the smartest glasses I have see in quite a while.  These double walled thermo glasses keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold (it’s about time!). This Swiss based company started in 1944 by Peter Bodum now run by son Jorgen Bodum is still making housewares that are simple and functional and can be easily found in Israel. 

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Product review: So chic so sushi…

Yes you heard right, this sushi is so chic! 

Their motto:”Finding the harmony between food and art”
For uninterrupted lounging pleasure  The original Sushi Pillow company makes oversize sushi pillows in different shapes and sizes.  Two former actors, Cindy Tomm and Mel Maghuyop have realized their dream and have made their product available to shoppers around the world including Israel.  These pillows range in price from$36.00 to $45.00 plus $25.00 for international shipping. 

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