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And the Winner is…

French Country Pair of Pillows
French Country Pair of Pillows

From the lovely people at PILLOWfolly:

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Book Review: The Well-Dressed Home

I first came across Annette Tatum’s new book, The Well-Dressed Home, on a blog of someone I follow on Twitter (right now the name escapes me but I love the blog. I hate it when that happens…) The pictures of the book were so inviting. I just fell in love with every one.
Chinoisera_dining_couture_Well_Dressed_Home (Small)
So I wrote to the author and asked if I could review it (meaning – please send me a free copy of your gorgeous book!) and she said yes!

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PILLOWfolly Pillows – now I’m giving my opinion

We at Tchochkes would like to give a special thank you to PILLOWfolly for sponsoring the Pick a Pillow contest. If you’re just visiting the site for the first time today, sorry, the contest is over – but we’ll have more in the future. (The winner will be announced in a few days.)
Here’s the dilemma – do I write this in the way I would if I wasn’t the one who approached PILLOWfolly and suggested we do this contest? In other words, do I give my opinion filled with honesty and a dash of snark? Because as you all know – there is one pillow in the group that I just don’t get.
Some of you didn’t like any of the PILLOWfolly pillows, which is fair enough. I would like to know what you do like – so for the people who disliked all of the pillows – a small request / challenge for you – comment here and give a link of a pillow that you do like. And why. I’m really interested in the why.
Ok – on to the opinions…

Folk Art Print With Stripe Flange
Folk Art Print With Stripe Flange

I’m starting off with my favorite. I love the flowers, I love the colors and I love the striped flange. I even like the word flange.  The colors also fit my house really well and my sofa is screaming for this.

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Store review: Ginger in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

I’ve been wanting to review Ginger for weeks – but every time I was in Neve Tsedek in Tel Aviv I forgot my camera. This place is such a feast for the eyes – I just wanted to close the curtains, kick everyone out and move in.
Vibrant. Color. Everywhere. Seriously.

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WORLDWIDE CONTEST: Pick a Pillow from PILLOWfolly

This contest ends at Midnight PST on Sunday, November 22nd. That means make your comments now or forever hold your peace.
Tchochkes has partnered with PILLOWfolly on a contest for our wonderful readers. As a way to say thank you for reading Tchochkes (and a way to show off PILLOWfolly’s incredible pillows) we are offering one lucky reader the chance to receive one of the pillow covers below.

The rules are very simple. Pick your favorite pillow and make a comment explaining why it’s your favorite. That’s it. This contest is running for one week and ends on Monday 23rd of November. Open to readers worldwide. PILLOWfolly will choose the best comment and that reader will get one of their GORGEOUS pillowcases. I only wish I could enter…

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Blog Review: Ikeahacker

Ikeahacker is the most focused of the design blogs I follow. It’s about Ikea items hacked to be either of a different purpose, or to be better than originally designed. That’s it. There’s no articles on cats or business or even green. Just Ikea, re-purposed.
The actual hacks can be hit and miss. The cabinets above are a hit in my opinion. The Office Storage from Kitchen and Bath Units make the most of an awkward space and make it look like they were a custom fit. You can’t ask for much better than that.

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I’ll be reviewing “The Well-Dressed Home” in the next few…

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Online Product Review: ABC Carpet Color Reform

ABC Carpet & Home in NYC sent us a notice about their new rug concept called Color Reform.
ABC_Carpet_Color_Reform_fucsia_Rug (Small)
It’s a brilliant idea and the carpets are stunning. They are taking old worn out carpets, neutralizing the color and dyeing them with an over-saturated color, like the fuchsia above.

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Home tour: My Aunt & Uncle’s home in California

I can’t say where it is and I can’t say who owns it – but they are family and  I spent many a great weekend here growing up.  I can remember the smell of the house most of all. It always smelled like something good was either cooking, or about to be cooked. And it always felt homey – like sitting under a quilt while reading a fantastic engaging book during a Fall morning drinking a lovely cup of tea. And it’s the feel of this house I tried to reproduce when I designed my own.

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Interior Design Blog Review: Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is the grand master broohaha of all interior design blogs. To the best of my memory it was the first (feel free to correct me on that if I’m wrong) and it is by far the largest and most popular. The site was co-founded by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, an interior designer based in NYC.
The blog even has a Mission “Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.” And it succeeds – this site is a monster of information. Which is the best and worst thing about it. It’s a bit of a nightmare to navigate (my one and only complaint). But if you don’t mind clicking far and wide – what a plethora of beautiful images await you.

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