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Create the Look: autumn-inspired bathroom (Sponsored Post)

It’s getting cold outside. In fact, it snowed in Boston…

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Fabulous Sponsored Post: Fun & Fancy Storage

Hiya! My name is Jenn and I’m a member of…

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Houses From Within Tel Aviv – My Favorite Place – Hila Caspi’s Home

Houses from Within, Tel Aviv 2010 was a month ago. I was fortunate enough to get a press pass (thank you Aviva!) so I drove around Tel Aviv like a mad woman dashing from apartment to apartment. I saw 19 places in all and I’ve decided to start off the reviews with my favorite apartment from the whole weekend – Hila Caspi’s home. It’s a small flat in north Tel Aviv but I adore how she maximized the space, light and interest in the apartment.

The whole flat is around 70 square meters. The floor is cement (which was a major trend this time around – so much so that by the end of the weekend I was bored of it), the kitchen is shiny white (another trend which had me yawning by the end of the weekend). However, this was the first place I saw both in, so I was still excited while photographing the place. So why do I love it so much when it holds two pieces that I find rather tired and unoriginal? She has the most brilliant use of space for her tiny flat, some totally unexpected design elements that really got me and she has possibly the best made bed in Israel.
I’m so not kidding there.

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It’s Nate Day? Well Sign Me Up!

I don’t know how today became Nate day – but…

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Lisa Kuperman Salon Inspiration

Do you have a friend who has such an incredible innate sense of style that she is always ahead of the curve even when she’s completely out of the loop? For my that friend would be Lisa Kuperman, my hair stylist and good friend.

I mentioned the design slump I was feeling in last Saturdays post about the amazing artist from Elle Decoration – well it was Lisa’s salon (and her magazine) that helped jump-kick me out of it. Lisa reminds me that one doesn’t have to be a Rothschild to be able to create wonderful welcoming interior design. The sofas and chairs shown in these pictures were bought as a set for 1,000 NIS (that’s about 275 USD). Admittedly, they would look rather awful in most homes here – but for a shop they are absolutely perfect.

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Interior design inspiration – Claire Basler

I have to admit it. Lately I’ve been in a rut. I haven’t found anything I loved while looking at my favorite design sites, perusing my preferred shelter magazines on the stands or even going to my chosen home stores. It just felt like everything I’ve been looking at is the same and I’m bored with it. I’m not all that interested in mid-century modern. It doesn’t suit my house and it’s ridiculously expensive in Israel. So I stopped looking at it all. And I lost a bit of myself. I stopped writing. And I missed it.
Then I went to get my hair cut and in my girlfriend’s salon were three new shelter magazines – Elle Decor (US), Elle Decoration (UK) and House and Garden (UK). The first and last were meh – but the Elle Decoration, well… I just couldn’t put it down. Especially because of an article on the French artist Claire Basler. Her home is her studio and the artwork was so amazing, as was the space. I just wanted to transport myself there.  I loved it so much I finally felt compelled to write again and show her work to all of you.

I’m not one who goes gaga over artists – but there’s something about Claire’s work. It has such – would it be silly to say ethereal quality? Because that’s the word that comes to mind when I see her work.

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Home Tour: Michal Negrin

One thing can be said for Michal Negrin – she is a woman with definitive style.
There is no doubting from the moment you walk into her home who owns it. It’s sort of fabulous in a way. The same way that I love this insane pink and purple house in my neighborhood owned by one of the local geriatric mafia (my nickname for the seniors in the neighborhood who flag you down when driving and order ask you to drive them to the center of town – they kind of ignore if you say no and get in anyway).

It’s not a small apartment if you consider the size of the rooms, but there is so much crammed into the space,  you’d never know it.

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Why use an Interior Designer? QA on Twitter

Picture above from Apartment Therapy *swoon* On February 25th at…

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Hotel Review: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

The Inbal Hotel is located in Jerusalem in possibly the absolute best location in the city. It’s walking distance from the German Colony, the Old City and the market (ok, granted the market would be a bit of a schlep, but on a nice day – totally doable).  Required self disclosure – my husband and I were invited by the Inbal for the weekend. I also tweeted about it the whole weekend, but that was my choice. The hotel impressed me and the people were unbelievably nice and helpful. What a fantastic combination.

This Jerusalem hotel is 5-star. It looks like a 5-star hotel, has the amenities of a 5-star hotel and has the location of a 5-star hotel. So I’m not going to focus on that, because that’s boring. If you’ve been to a 5-star hotel, this is like the others. What makes the Inbal stand out is the service. We went to the spa (which was amazing and idiot me didn’t take photos.) I looked at the gym (but lazy me didn’t go work out and yes, didn’t photos of that either – but it was a great gym. Totally my bad for not going.)

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Store Review: 1 Br. (one bedroom) in Jaffa

I could have parked closer to the souk in Jaffa – but I saw this store and I had to stop. Wow. Wow. Wow. One bedroom is one of my favorite stores now. The owner has such good taste and combines everything in such a wonderful, fresh way. It’s a feast for the eyes and imagination.
It’s not just the items in the store that are wonderful, but the design of the store itself.

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