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Like Clockwork


Despite the fact that I am rarely on time no matter how hard I try, I absolutely love clocks. But more in that decorative accessories manner rather than using them for things like not being late. Therefore, here are 12 fabulous clocks, beginning with The Clock Against Which All Other Clocks Shall Be Measured, George Nelson’s iconic multi-colored ball clock. First introduced in 1948, Vitra’s reissue maintains Nelson’s exact design in all of its metal and wood simplicity, and is a must for any mid-century modern collector.

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Curtains Up!

I have these great white Marimekko curtains from CB2 in my living room that are decorated with a graphic white design. I have a double curtain rod, and they were intended to eventually be layered with something with a little more color. Until one of my precious, darling dogs decided to chew a big ol’ hole in the bottom of one. So, while they remain hanging—our picture window is huge and really needs some sort of covering—complete with big-mouth-dog-size hole at the bottom, I’ve been looking around for replacements.
Pottery Barn’s Dupioni silk panels are pure understated elegance. Although when hung with the tie tops instead of drapery clips as shown, they’re a bit more casual without losing the overall refined vibe.  Shown here in greenhouse, each panel is fully lined and available in eight more colors.

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Brined & Roasted: The Best Turkey Ever

Thanksgiving is quickly headed this way, and with it typically comes turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. My husband and I established our own Thanksgiving tradition several years ago when we were still dating—we spend the day at home cooking, watching parades and football, and just hanging out. Oh, and drinking. Instead of a day filled with yelling, arguing and my aunt’s dry turkey and questionable side dishes, we do it all here at home, and we do it our way.

Our early obsession with The Food Network, namely Alton and Emeril, led to experimentation in the kitchen and our ultimately tweaking and combining a couple of recipes into a for the most delicious, juicy, spectacular turkey ever to be made in this world.


And it’s all about the brine, baby. Interested? Click below for the recipes for our brined and roasted turkey!

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Falling for Autumn Hues

fall tree

Despite it being sunny and positively spring-like in Central Arkansas this week (which I prefer over last week’s Flash Flood from Hell Spectacular), it’s still fall and the leaves are changing beautifully. The rich, warm palette of reds, oranges, purples, browns and golds can be found inside as well, on everything from rustic furniture to luxe accessories and mod accents.

anthro paisley

If I’m traveling and there’s an Anthropologie where I’m going, you can be certain I’ll be stopping by to ogle their fantastic and unique wares. They should really let me open one here in Little Rock. (Call me!)
Anyway, I’m loving the funky pattern on their Dancing Paisley flocked window panel. It’s available in several lengths, and is fully lined and 100-percent cotton.

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Shower Power

flying drops

Last Saturday we took a break from Super Saturday House Cleaning Extravaganza to make one of those “quick trips” to Home Depot. You know, that trip where you have a list that says “light bulbs and shower curtain liner” and an hour later you leave with a bunch of stuff you forgot you totally needed.  Although this time a cheap impulse buy has become The Greatest Thing Ever.

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The Search is Over…For Now

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with my bestest pal Mandy, who is the art director at the magazine where I used to work. She showed me the November issue, which finally had the feature on Arkansas architect Marlon Blackwell and his finally finished home. We seriously started chasing the story not long after I started there in 2002, so I was delighted to see it finally happen. (The house was actually featured first in Met Home, but Mandy obviously styled it way better.)
Anyway. As I was perusing the layout, I saw them. These fabulous yellow and gray floral silk pillows on the Blackwells’ sofa. “THESE! I WANT THESE!” I cried. And when Mandy told me they were from DwellStudio’s line from Target, I declared her a liar. No way did that fabulously modern house designed by this amazing architect (and his amazing architect wife) have some damn pillows from Target decorating the living room sectional. I know the pros love to mix high and low like anyone else, but still.

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Pink Links

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this Saturday morning I’ll be hitting the streets of downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock with some girlfriends for the 2009 Komen Race for the Cure benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I’ve been involved in various local Komen events over the years, but there’s nothing more powerful to me than the race. It’s early in the morning and it will likely be freezing outside, but the atmosphere is always warm and cheerful, because we’re all there for the same reason—helping to raise money for research to treat, prevent and ultimately end breast cancer.
So with that in mind, I’ve collected here just a handful of the zillions (that’s an estimate) of products from great brands that are raising money for both Komen and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as well as others dedicated to the cause.

BCRFedition2RabbitAir’s special edition, space-age-looking air purifier will donate 5 percent of each sale of the $300+ machine to the BCRF.

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Mall Art!

I spent this past weekend in Dallas, a trip I took for the sole purpose of going to the new (and incredibly insane) Cowboy Stadium for the inaugural Southwest Classic on Saturday, featuring our Arkansas Razorbacks against those awful Texas A&M Aggies. However, I took the first flight out of Little Rock Friday morning for the sole purpose of having plenty of time to spend at NorthPark Center, Dallas’ freakishly awesome shopping mecca. After undergoing a three-year expansion and renovation, this is not the NorthPark I last visited some 12 years ago.
From the very beginning in 1965, NorthPark has always been filled with a world-class rotating collection of paintings and sculpture, and has been recognized in the past for its commitment to art and architecture. Displayed throughout the shopping center, among every store from Barneys, Michael Kors and Cartier to Urban Outfitters, Apple and The Gap, is a spectacular collection of modern works for everyone to enjoy. I love public art!
But at almost 2.5 million square feet, I failed to cover NorthPark Center in its entirety, but below are some of my favorites of what I did get to see.

20 Elements by New York artist Joel Shapiro. Wood and casein paint.

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Colorways: Gray & Yellow

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I came to the consensus that gray and yellow pillows would be perfect for our badass new sofa. I know normally we don’t really let them participate in this kind of important decision making, but he’s a graphic designer and great with color, so I might as well get an opinion, right? He does sit there. Frankly I thought he would hate it, but I was pleasantly surprised.
As I carried on my search, which has been narrowed down to a handful of combo choices, I started seeing a lot more yellow and gray textiles and accessories. Here is just a handful of favorites…

ashley duvet

Love the cool and serene vibe of the Ashley Citron bedding collection from Blissliving home (also home of a pillow contender or two). The mod mum print is great, and the overall look has just the right amount of yellow.

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Bench, Please!

As far as multipurpose furniture goes, you can never go wrong with a bench or two. The location possibilities are almost endless—put one at the foot of the bed or in front of a window, create communal-style seating at the dining table or group a few together for a modular conversation pit. Today’s offerings are more stylish than ever, with clever storage, unexpected materials and silhouettes to fit every decor.
CognitaQuite possibly the most brilliant piece of furniture ever, the Cognita bench designed by BluDot for Herman Miller is equally at home in the office or in the bedroom. The upholstered seat lifts to reveal ample space for files or extra linens, while the hard section (which is the perfect spot to place a cocktail, by the way) opens to a removable tray with organizing compartments for smaller bits. A pair of drawers completes this smart instant classic.
Used indoors or out, Arktura’s laser-cut Coral table is bound to leave a lasting impression. Made from bent steel, the bench has soft lines, and is eco-friendly thanks to its no-VOC powder-coated finish. And the mesmerizing pattern is “algorithmically-generated,” which involves math.

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