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Not Just A Place to Sit

Made by David Haig
Made by David Haig

I want this rocking chair even though I already have two.

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Back to Real Cards

In the age of electronic mail, Facebook and Twitter; it’s good to see that the art of writing greeting cards is not lost.

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Store Review: Company C

If you’re like me and colour is your passion then you’ll immediately fall in love with this home furnishings manufacturer. I just peeked into their store in Portland, Maine and was mesmerized by their colours, look and feel.

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Wiscasset Country Antiques

I stopped for a break from driving in a lovely town called Wiscasset. It turns out this place is famous for its antique shops. This is the shop where I just had to take a peak inside.

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Heritage homes become Inns

Recently I had an opportunity to take a road trip up the coast of Maine to Atlantic Canada. I saw some incredible views and sites that I hope to share with you in the coming weeks. Staying in B and B’s is always so much nicer than hotels.  Nothing compares to the hospitality you receive from innkeepers.  It’s interesting that such a large number historical homes in the Northeast part of the U.S. have been converted to heritage inns.  This one in Kennebunkport caught my eye.

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Solair chair makes a comeback

Not so long ago you may have seen the Solair chair – the summer classic that decorated North American motels and patios – tossed in to the garbage. It was available in vibrant colours with a moulded plastic seat on bent removable steel legs. It was so bright, so ’70’s and so dated. That’s all changed.

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Trash Sculpture Garden

I stumbled upon this garden a few weeks ago in Gedera. I’m drawn into this stranger’s yard surrounded by sculptures made of trash, hoping no one will come out and shoot me.

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Mailboxes – more than just for mail

Nowadays we are so accustomed to getting only e-mail that we barely check our “snail mail” box. Maybe that’s why so little thought goes into the mailbox.

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Glass & Light Artist – Cecilia Cohen

Shine the light!


Cecilia Cohen is a glass artist who turns cold, rigid materials into warm, expressive objects: like this Bluelove butterfly suncatcher. She is self -taught and has worn many hats during her lifetime: safety engineer, beekeeper, librarian but her real passion is glass.

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Store review: Yafe – it’s the things that make a house a home

Store review:Yafe
Yafe is in Gedera. The gift shop is located in one of the restored Biluim buildings that I visited a few weeks ago. There are many buildings that have been converted into dress and gift shops, bars, restaurants and even a hairstylist. I think what drew me in were the windows.

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