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Indigenous influence on Olympic Designs

We are in the midst of the 2010 winter Olympics in my former hometown of Vancouver, Canada. So while watching the games from halfway round the world I thought I’d look at some of the buildings that were built in association with this world event.

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Four Designs for Valentines’

I don’t know about you but when I think of Valentine’s Day more often than not four general things come to mind: flowers, chocolate, perfume or a romantic meal. Here are four ideas that are non-fattening, non-scented and last longer than a few days.

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Banking on the future and preserving the past

Wherever I go I always keep my eye open for historically preserved buildings. I spotted the Schiff House (Beit Schiff) a few weeks ago on the corner of Herzl and Lillienblum, Tel-Aviv. The Israel Discount Bank Tower does dwarf it, however the care with which the building was preserved and restored to a museum lends itself to a worthwhile visit.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – or is it?

In a design blog we’re accustomed to interesting and beautiful things, but sometimes especially in architecture we can enjoy seeing the most amazingly “ugly” design.
I recently came across two such famous examples:

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ksut – chic coverups

Photo courtesy of designer

My friend suggested I go visit KSUT in Carmei Yosef, 35km (22mi) south-east of Tel-Aviv – a beautiful spot in the Judean foothills.  She thought I’d love the textile studio. And she was right.
Edit Kaplan Friedberg is unique among many designers and people. She is charming, amicable and modest. However her creations are outstanding. Fabric sculpture that you can wear if you are brave enough, if not display it in your home.

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Fabric Tales by Noa Eshkol

A new exhibition of large tapestries entitled “Sipurei Badim” (a play on the Hebrew words: fabrics tell stories meaning Fairy Tales) by the extraordinary multidisciplinary Israeli artist (and dancer):  Noa Eshkol opened at the Tefen Industrial Park.

Fortunately I happened to be in the north (of Israel) before the opening date. So I could take my time snapping away without anyone in the way. My only time constraint was my husband’s eagerness to go to the Car Collection next door. But who knows maybe he’ll do a guest post one day.

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A brush for every purpose

This  shop caught my eye as I was walking down Herzl street in Tel-Aviv.  It looked like every type of brush and broom ever made was crammed into this tiny place.  And if they don’t have it – they’ll make it for you.  But it’s a dying craft.

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Classic Coffeehouse in Budapest

Whenever I’m in Budapest I make a point of going to Gerbeaud, not only for the coffee and confectionery mainly for the decor dating back a century and a half.
I imagine sitting at the same marble topped bronze tables, on the same Thonet bentwood chairs; touching the wallpaper, exotic wood paneling, furniture,  looking up at the beautiful chandeliers and stucco ceilings that inspired the writers, painters, composers and statesmen of the nineteenth century.

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Creative Ways to Wrap It Up

James Baigrie
James Baigrie

I am all in favour of making gifts instead of buying them especially given the economic situation and the world’s depleting resources. But since it’s quite late in the holiday season, I thought I would just wrap creatively.

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Garden Review: Kingsbrae, St. Andrews

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would tell you about the fabulous Kingsbrae Garden that I came across while visiting St.Andrews, N.B. this past summer.
This 27-acre public garden has 50,000+ plants in many themed gardens with a sprinkling of sculptures.

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